Bitcoin Bull Run Confirmed! Andrew Yang Says Bitcoin Is Inevitable!

Andrew Yang Is The Cryptocurrency President. Change My Mind! Participate in the Twitter poll: US Presidential Candidate …


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  1. I vote for Trump & if you focus on what they are doing they are both saying the exact same thing about BTC just in different ways . Trump is a politician that creates contradictions & conflicts on purpose . Just look at how he indicates “it’s based on thin air” in one sentence but then he refers to it as an “unregulated asset” in the next sentence … The man planned his own impeachment to make it backfire on Quid Pro Joe for goodness sake, I mean come on …

  2. Honestly their opinion about cripto currency is not a means to decide who should be president, in many ways their both right. I wouldn't vote for yang ever, he is a democratic puplet, he will do whatever his funders tell him to, he will sell our country out and try an take our guns. Trump all the way

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  4. I agree with the Crypto Maniac comment: The presidential candidacy is not an issue. We need to vote for the president based on what is best for the country overall – NOT a single issue. Single issue voters are not good for the country, in my opinion.

  5. Eventually there will be a paradigm shift towards the crypto currency ethos & I believe in ten years there will be mast adaption in form or another. There will be one time that is endorsed whether it is twitterCEO or some other influential who sees the potential for use, so on & so forth!

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  7. MrRem7600
    Comes down to who can run the economy better, and if you think in any possible way that socialist ideals the democrats want to bring in are going to help crypto, you are sorely mistaken. Yang may be paying lip service to it now, but socialist governments are always about more control and less liberty, don't be fooled for a second that his advocating for crypto means they don't want total control of every aspect of your spending or surveillance of it. Strong economies is what will continue to bring prevalence in the crypto field, not the collapse of them which is what happens anytime the left get any control for any significant amount of time. The difference is Trump comes from the financial elite which want to maintain the status quo – but he also wants a successful economy. It doesn't matter how much Trump doesn't like crypto or BTC, he cannot stop its inevitability as we proceed into the future with strong economies.

  8. Can’t believe I considered getting involved with the Silk Road at 16 where bitcoin was $20 each and you needed it to buy drugs.. probably could have millions by now if I wasn’t so afraid of my mom freaking out if she saw a sketchy package in the mail

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