Bitcoin (BTC): You Don’t Need As Much As You Think

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  1. Trading today from when bitcoin experienced an exponential growth of almost $2,000 has been profitable for me beyond expectations. I have been copying Rupica Puri’s trade patterns and signals which was very profitable for me during the bear market in which I traded and increased my portfolio by over 12 BTC but what I experienced today in profit is just overwhelming and we are just at the brink of the bull market. I have always known trading with the right system was rewarding but I never imagined it would be this good. The smart thing for me and any one serious about making real profit in this favourable trend is simple, I will buy a few more bitcoins maybe about 4 BTC and see what that gets me through trading in the next 2 weeks, one thing for sure is, I can only be happier with Rupica’s guidance. For whoever may want to take a hold of this current position, I’d suggest you seek Rupica’s assistance immediately and get hooked up to his strategies and signals. You can reach him on his e-mail:- rupicapuri05 @ gmail. com _ or telegram @rupicapuri Whatsapp: +1_1919-391-8034

  2. I had day traded from about .46 to .512, but then I was not coupled in the move from 8 to 9 K I was in fiat waiting for a dump that never came.Then when I tried to recoup my lost I got all the way down to .44 making bad moves. My incompetance proven, I moved that to a hard wallet so I cant trade it easily, and I have been buying as I can (Which is ridiculously hard and slow unless you want to eat credit card fees and overpriced BTC) and I am trying to get back over .5 Potentially I lost not only the thousand or so in fees and lost BTC but also the profit that that would have brought me if I had just left it alone and HODL'd No more day trading for me. Great in a bear market, devastating if you were doing it when the bulls came. Lesson learned My goal is to have 1 BTC and Im gonna just leave it alone for several years.

  3. 2.05 bitcoin, 2 litecoin, 4.5 ethereum, 1,000 plus xrp, 100,000 bitcecoin, .535 BCH, 30USD coin, 12 ounces of Gold, 1,000 plus ounces of silver, 1 ounce of platinum, 1 ounce of palladium, 2 CDs worth $15,000 plus, $25,000 in emergency cash, $3,000 stashed in another location, and daughters savings account at $2,400. I think my daughters future is going to be alright!!!!

  4. Hi, again a good video, I like to listen. My question: you say it takes 100 years to finish calculating Bitcoin. Is not that faster? For example, we get new graphics cards every year. It's the talk of quantum computers? I would like to hear your opinion. Greetings from Germany, Robert

  5. I disagree with you selling all other altcoins bc of Zuckerb's Libra – he is going after cash sales and credit card sales…. a huge market but DIFFEREN …. much different than what Charles, Justin and Jared are doing with ADSA, DIGI and Tron….. I have 12 BTC's , 115,000 ADA Digi and Tron….. intend to hold for 4 years or until BC reaches 6 figures

  6. Okay boiiis here‘s a question, im into btc since 3300 from feb. I rod the btc standart book etc but one thing nobody talks about is those platforms selling btc where the hell they do buy them? Can we not get around this? Buy on is only from other private sellers so….???

  7. Who cares your bullish or not but if middle class person just buy some xrp even for $1,000 dollars because all this idiots like 1 bitcoin for $11,000 dollars it can max hit $25,000 or more but if u buy xrp wich they don't like u cane get million dollars over night if it hits $10 or more

  8. I would like to see a video on safety. How safe is coinbase, wallet, vault. Physical wallets, hard drives, paper etc. I worry about all those, so I stick with coinbase and some in GBTC. Wonder if I am wrong.

  9. I accumulate zen, halving nov next year, great nodes, great ROI as well . Same supply as btc but with privacy features. I keep 1.3 Btc in my cold storage as well.

  10. have you traded with Kathy Benge yet the realest woman i have ever seen trading accounts with huge profit contact her kathybenge82 at gmail dot com.

  11. It is important not to feel distraught over the current dump in bitcoin as a correction is much needed to further add momentum to the bullish pattern of bitcoin. The currency is still on track and would attain its full expectation. I am further encouraged by Robbert Steadman because i have been using his signals since the middle of the last bear market (2018) and even where others lost sleep due to the fall in price, I was steadily grow in btc stash by over 300% monthly which translated to about 7btc by trading using Steadman’s trade signals. I am doing same ever since so I urge others to stay afloat and even make extra profit now which the opportunity presents itself. Robbert can be reached by WhatsApp or Telegram (+44 7723 523446) for all crypto related inquiries

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