Bitcoin BLASTS Past $26K for First Time Ever!! WATCH NOW!!! 30k By End of Year!? Cryptocurrency News

Bitcoin is EXPLODING! ALREADY at $26000! Must be because of THIS recent news! Hit Like, Share, and Subscribe for more daily cryptocurrency news!


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  1. Time for the major alts to start regaining BTC value
    BTC will still keep rising but not as fast as say link , the alts have given BTC a nice head start but now it’s alt time

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  3. One's Bitcoin passes $30,000 which is higher than the Dow Jones industrial average …. we are going to see either major major exposure or a big drawback….. This will be big news if Bitcoin surpasses the Dow Jones !!!… It's crazy he took your advice ? love it. Bez

  4. Conservatively, I think BTC will see around $75k topping this year, but I think will settle back around $50k. Optimistically, especially with institutional investors breaking the dam and flooding the market, we could see $100k easy.

  5. Yoooo, Coinbase is dropping XRP 45 billion in circulation…..mass sell off next 24 hours liquidation into alt coins???? ???? plumit and serious alt coin gains???????

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