Bitcoin and the US Stock Market may be About to Implode: HERE'S WHY | Will Bitcoin Crash in 2020

Is the US Stock Market about to crash again? Will bitcoin crash along with it? Today Scott Minerd shares some revealing data, showing S&P 500 may be …


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  1. We are going to $10,900 to $11,585 BTC. Then, we will correct for two months! And, during that time, it will be the last time we will see prices under 10k for a long time, based on the charts! It’s all math. Fundamentals are never correlated with price action. It’s a FACT!

  2. The reason that s&p is trading over 30x is because the economy was in a worldwide forced shutdown not because of some economic calamity. Have we ever had a world economy shutdown to copare whats going on now too? Well actually we kind of do. Spanish flue which led to the roaring 20's then a huge depression in the 30's. Thats actually my bet another 10 year artificial run up then a repeat of the 30's. Its not going to crash now because the fed will just throw trillions at it until it ignites itself.

  3. he actually implies that somehow the fed is not defacto …"private employees who are not accountable solely to the public good…" Oh yeah wait the chairman has to testify before a committee or two my bad.

  4. The Fed, lol, hypocrites!!! They are not accountable yet they create our money supply. This world has gone insane, they have slowly brain washed ppl for 100 years.

  5. There are a lot of doom and gloomers out there. A broken clock is right twice a day. So if people are saying there is a correction or crash soon, they will eventually be right. So will the people that are saying market will go up.
    The fed (not to be confused with the government) is doing a good job getting us back to where we were before the virus. There are some very smart economists working there, geniuses I'd say. It wasn't just the fed dumping money in the market for retail investors. There are plenty of people like me who say an opportunity when there was blood in the street and used extra cash sitting around to invest in the market when everything was super cheap.

    Inflation happens. It always has. This may speed it up some, but I'll take that over having my investments wiped out for 2 years or more untouched by the fed.

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