Bitcoin and Ethereum Holders – VERY IMPORTANT INFORMATION FOR 2021 | Next 'Internet Stocks of 1999'

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  1. Pi and Bee network are promising and relatively new, with my referral code @BritoGus you can start with a 25% boost, and as an early miner you also have the chance to get a good stack of coins.

  2. Рекомендую обратить внимание на $VLX @VelasBlockchain :
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  3. Lol if he had to make a choice he’ll take the brand name and he would assume. Some of you people just hear what you want to hear. This sounds like he’s confident to you? Smfh

  4. Lol 6 minutes into the video don’t let anyone steal your bitcoin. Don’t you think it would be smart to mention this at the beginning of the video? Wow you’re very smart.

  5. what the internet did for information, blockchain will do for currency.
    hundreds of years ago, countries started to adopt the separation of state and religion.
    now there is the separation of state and currency which is decentralization.
    i feel like cash will still be here though side by side with crypto just because we humans just naturally like to hold physical stuff

  6. Forgive me but i thought the main driving force behind crypto was the decentralized element of it. What's decentralized about Visa integration and how could it improve Ethereum's value for investors?

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