Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency Just Exploded Over $10k as Trump Makes MAJOR ANNOUNCEMENT for US in 2020

Bitcoin and cryptocurrency in 2020 is exploding!! Plus the United States in 2020 just made a MAJOR announcement! Let’s Discuss, That is why Altcoin Daily is …


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  1. You could speed up the transfer in a way. Paying higher free gives you higher chance to be included in the next block.

  2. Yes he should use the military. I’m Black and this isn’t protesting. It’s looting and Domestic terrorism. The local authorities have let these fools run wild. They are destroying the very areas most vulnerable to what they are protesting about. It’s time to calm down. Protesting is fine looting and stealing is not. We missed a great chance for unity with this behavior. I don’t want to hear shit about 2A debate either. It’s over!. Protect ya neck out chere! That said, we will make it as nation, we always do. Change is never comfortable. But it’s inevitable. ✊???✊?

  3. Black people are being killed by police with no repercussions. Racism is rife and the silent white majority whom probably say they are not racist are complicit in allowing this racist society to still exist. A society which suits them.

  4. The Fed/Treasury has and will continue to underpin and supply‘unlimited’ resources to ensure this market goes up. We lost 3-6 million jobs every Thursday report the last 8 weeks and the market went up every time

  5. Alert! Something is going quite wrong with Wirex as a whole! The Wollo crypto is off at the Wirex exchange platform for quite a long time now (about 4 weeks). You can not exchange it at all and your money is just stuck there for ages! And now it got even worse for 2 weeks now: whoever has fiat currency deposited at Wirex can not send it to any other bank account. No software update takes this long, right? Something is going the wrong way here! Be aware!

  6. Guys guys guys where have you been looking!? you can’t believe this bitcoin just went up $ 50 we need to make a live stream ASAP! Quick quick don’t miss out on all the FOMO!

  7. People come from outer states to conduct violent protest which is illegal. People destroy others people property and business which people are fighting to remain open yet you got comment of liberty for these people. Do you think about what you say before you say it? If you are there peacefully protestor I got your back but when you show up to cause destruction and havoc you are a criminal and should be treated like one. Please let us know if you hear of a fund raiser to help small businesses effected by these criminal posing as peaceful protesters

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