Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency in July 2020 BIG NEWS for Bank of America | First on Cryptocurrency News

Bank of America has JUST updated their bitcoin and cryptocurrency policy for July 2020! Plus, what are the risks of DeFi Ethereum lending according to Andreas …


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  1. Phantasma SOUL is becoming my favourite blockchain. 22 racing series will on Xbox and PlayStation which uses ## Phantasma SOUL ## for NFT'S. Low marketcap and low supply.

  2. I gave up using credit cards long ago. Banks look for every way to screw you so they can jack up the interest rate. They make it too easy for you to spend money you don't have and putting you deeper and deeper into debt. I only use debit cards now.

  3. Might to be timed for release during 2021 bull run? New movie ? ‘Bitcoin Billionaires’ is in the making.

    Based on the book by Ben Mezrich, the author behind the Facebook story and Film ‘The Social Network’

  4. Bro, how is Andrea’s going to mention the other two losers in this fight (maker and Comos) and not mention Celsius Network? Of all people I figured Andreas would be for Celsius network as they are not backed by VC‘s. And all the profit they make (80%) goes back to The People! Celsius Network bro! You guys are sharp and from the Buckeye State! Go Bucks! I challenge u to look at Celsius Network bro’s!

  5. Most importantly and the most relevant point is the user base and volume. Real bookings are coming in fast and trending well with the last few months. #Travala is a wise investment.

  6. Seems like Zimbabwe is paving the way for Apollo currency to be used Zimbabwe central bank have signed apollo currency as partners

  7. Bank of America is owned by Jesuits.? They are the creators of evil. Once they are involved the devil is involved. Watch the historical origins of the Jesuits.

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  11. 61% of the Bitcoin supply has stayed in the same place for a year or more — the only time that happened was before its all-time highs. Bitcoin (BTC) hodlers are preparing for a bull run just like the one that led to 20,000USD all-time highs in 2017, this could be a great change for the hodlers also advantage for the trader. Despite a hectic year for Bitcoin price action, the data shows that over 61% of the supply remained dormant through highs and lows. nevertheless, profit can still be made in a period like this if engage with the rightful strategy. bitcoin can be very lucrative and also very profitable in space and the market is full of people in need of advice and information on how to trade and on what to trade so now would be a good time to get on our feet and carry those who are new to trading and show them the way.

  12. time of fiat currency is over …
    people are afraid to use fiat due to corona virus ..the only solution left is crypto
    2020 has come with many new hardware wallets… including keep key and WALAHALA Hardware wallets …
    but i will prefer WALAHALA Hardware wallet
    they have their hardware wallet .. exchange and coin …
    their hardware wallet is decentralized connected to their own live exchange …
    means your money will be in your hardware wallet only ..not even in exchange ….
    time has come that we dont have to be slaves to exchanges anymore..keep your assets with you only
    i think you should make video on their wallet and technology

  13. Great video. This is highly for beginners. I'm learning everyday but the munderstandableost important thing I've learnt so far is that with proper guidance and supervision you can really make the most of that capital

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