Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency are About to Go MAINSTREAM ? | Bitcoin Billionaires in 2020 Being Made!!

Deadline has JUST ANNOUNCED that the Winklevoss Twins, along with Stampede Ventures, are producing a feature film adaptation of Bitcoin Billionaires, the …


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  1. I hope you two get the role for the movie 🙂 and i would like your autograph if you got the role.

  2. The scarcity of Bitcoin is a scam to me. It can be divided to infinity, how can that be scarce? I wish people stopped saying it has a hard cap of 21 million. It might be 21 million but if if that be divided a million times, it's hardly limited in any way. Otherwise, it's good news that it's becoming more recognized, market might actually go up. Since I started buying last month it has stayed at the same level more or less.

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  4. Your video is always like THIS IS BIG BTC IS TAKING OVER THE WORLD!! Dude btc is going to 2 k soon!! Always short that shit coin… thats how you Making money ?

  5. u don’t even know what obfuscation means, lol….u stumbled over it and embarrassed yourself by not defining it for others. so bad. And it’s correct pronunciation is CARnegie, not carNEGie, lol.

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  11. I only see the hegelian dialectic at work here: create a crisis when the solution is all ready to be given. Minupulaton is another word for it (the stock market is going up because the US government has started buying stocks, by the way. The price of Bitcoin will not go up significantly until it is nearly a hundred percent owned by big business, if it even does go up!). Seems like a set-up to me. When quantum computers become mainstream in seven years, what protection and privacy will we have then I wonder? Bitcoin and most crypto currency is so cumbersome and slow that it will have to be replaced eventually with something else that is not necessarily private. Banks and digital money as we have it now will have to remain alongside crypto to make it workable and efficient in the meantime. Crypto may only be for bank to bank transactions in the short term. As the system breaks down with abuse on the dark web I think we will see the end of decentralisation in the long run. Bitcoin is not a panacea. We will all likely be given a Bitcoin universal benefit handhout once the current financial system disintegrates.

  12. The stock market and the Forex Market are not effected by the same conditions. The Forex Market cannot crash. The Stock Market relies on people & Businesses, which why in rare times such as these, it crashes. The Forex Market is not controlled by business, nor people, meaning it still and always will remain stable through times like this. And I've amassed about $285,000 in savings within 3 months of proper trading plan by a professional. Forex should be the Go

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