Bitcoin About To Break $12k!! Plus, MAJOR Ethereum, XRP, Litecoin, EOS, & Enjin Cryptocurrency News!

The Bitcoin price is pumping to $12000! Plus the latest Ethereum, XRP, Litecoin, EOS, & Enjin Cryptocurrency news! Let’s discuss! Altcoin Daily, the best …


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  1. GUYS! I finally went over to Hyprr and signed up after you recommended it, but I was surprised to see that you haven't made a post for 2 months…whats the deal there? Its it a dead project now? I found the same thing happened when Altcoin Buzz were plugging Uptrennd, I went over and signed up to find that they made a few posts then stopped using it.

  2. VELO is the coin to watch. After the recent IMF conference on global payments it's clear that stablecoins and CBDCs will dominate the next cycle. XLM and VELO facilitate stablecoin issuancr and will be the big movers.

  3. Great content! I found you on where they have a list of YouTubers in a list as voted by the website's members. You're ranked in the top three and in my opinion a well-deserved ranking! I'm now an avid regular viewer. Keep up the good work.

  4. I'm a Litecoiner but LTC is on the verge of losing relevance these days. Becoming a privacy coin is one option but this ADA collaboration looks really interesting. Because there is a strong community and user base, they just can't do very much with their LTC these days…

  5. XRP and EOS are both scams and the epitome of projects that have zero relevance in the world of crypto. The reason they won't be using XRP is because it's a security that continues to be dumped on the market with no accountability. EOS is a centralized coin controlled by Block One and has no commits or development.

  6. Informative video! I have a question, everywhere I see BAEX token shilling, do you know anything about it? As I get, it is a token of binary defi system, looks nice, but I want to know your opinion.

  7. Cool video, thank you!

    Have a question, do you use binary platforms? Came across the BAEX exchange, a lot of twi about it now, this is a new defi binary exchange with Microsoft, NASDAQ, Bank of America stock indices, and many fiat instruments. And a lot of people are talking about their bonus system with algorithmic profitability

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