Big Things are Happening with Cryptocurrency in August 2020! | Bitcoin, Cardano, Synthetix & MORE!

Fidelity has JUST issued a report calling Bitcoin an ‘aspirational’ store of value and an ‘insurance policy’ for institutional investors. Cryptocurrency news is …


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  1. What's up ! I am missing you. Your curated news comments are an important daily contribution in order to get a snap uppdates from this revolutionary ecosystem. There hadn't news from Altcoin Daily since 3 days ago. Best wishes !

  2. Could you please post a video on how scammy is being? They forced a swap from their MCO to CRO token after pumping the CRO token with hype and censoring any Reddit post regarding MCO + removed any trace of MCO from their bio to deflate the price. In addition, they have now effectively upped the USD deposit price of their MCO Visa Cards by 4x.
    On top of all of this, they are constantly deleting posts on their social media platforms that paint them in a bad light and expose their underlying Ponzi like scheme.

  3. GLAD TO SEE YOU'RE BACK!! I have been so sad all weekend thinking about you guys! Looking forward to all your new content since you've been gone!?

  4. Alright! Glad to hear you guys are coming back! Taking you down made no sense, especially since they do nothing about the scam ads that I am seeing all over YT.

  5. Alright. Yaaaay! The mark of the beast is nearly here! Link, atom, mco, nim, iota walmart cardano all hexagonal motif projects for buying and selling. Hurrah! 666! Satan! Our king is here

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