Big Things Are Happening With Cryptocurrency! [Bitcoin, Bank of Korea, Basic Attention Token Update]

BREAKING: A new report from PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC) reveals NEW DATA involving crypto-related mergers and acquisitions (M&As). Let’s discuss that …


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  1. Except bitcoin rises above $8k to continue the rally, prices may fall back to previous resistance-turned support of $7.1k but no cause for alarm guys, there is a lot of gains to be made in the incoming parabolic move as long as we take the initiative to accumulate a fair lot size and doing so is not that easy despite the current slow accent. This can be done the traditional strategy of Dollar Cost Averaging or by the approach I find most interesting and rewarding (trading) under professional guidance. Allen Albert [elegram @Alberttrade/watsap@+447380356836] has not only been a mentor but also his top notch analysis of the crypto market makes him deliver extremely accurate signals to me which has in less than a month grown my 3 btc which I strictly held before by over 400%. This is raw talent and for anyone who wants something that actually works, here is one that shouldn’t be missed

  2. I have an obsession with the number 100:
    When I have to have exactly 100 Bitcoin, no more, no less.
    I have a long way to go, but what should I do with the excess BC?

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  4. Guys , I have a quick question…when I trying to send USDC coin to my coinbase account, i get some notification regarding Miner Fee. "you are trying to send an ERC20 token,Which are issued on the Ethereum Blockchain. this means you need eth to pay the miner's fee to send this coin.what are the steps to complete this process? Thank you in advance

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  8. With Brrrrrr the only sound, we're all gonna die of boredom….that will teach us 2 lessons:
    1. Watch which is
    so true: bitcoin as decentralized system proofs that any error will NOT bring the whole world to a standstill as is the case with centralized fiat. All the more reason to adopt it!!
    2. just hoarding is boring….unless bitcoin flows like a river of living water through products and services, the holders, no matter how rich in bitcoin, will die of boredom!
    May this lockdown serve to trigger the bitcoin stream of life worldwide. I am sick of the brrrrrr that produces only fake…

  9. People should know when to start making investment!!!! I understand how everyone is right now….but is time for the survivals to get richer!!!! Have you ask your self why Bitcoin is still going up?! Get started today and trade! With the best Trading companies in the world…%24 weekly is not a joke

  10. Thank you for the analysis. I was hoping you'd do a Trias analysis, but let me try to convince you to get yourself and in extension ur friends some Trias too, the Altcoin has got a great team and is being used by large multinational companies and is generating revenue from its products as well.

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