Big Things Are Happening With Bitcoin ? | Russia, Germany, & Korea SPEAK! Samsung Announcement!

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  1. You are such a teaser! "And now… we get to Germany, right after Russia" then right after IOTA, then right after bitmain…

    You rascal. xD

  2. BCH miners already are less profitable than BTC miners… interesting to see if they will stick to their principles with an extreme reward difference after BCH halving and before BTC's halving.

  3. Many people are concerned about Quantum computing breaking the network but has anyone thought of now that they have the fastest computer in the world by far, why not let that thing mine and make their R&D money back. Just thinking.

  4. Of course it halving bch does not make all miners to switch. That would drive difficulty in btc up and bch down, untill each Thash deployed will be equally profitable.

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  6. This seems like its going to be a crypto arms race between the countries. If any of them don’t jump in now then they’ll be left behind and their country will be relatively poorer than other countries.

  7. I thought this was a good read below. Probably a good run up for BCH and BSV until perhaps early March? They'll have to sell their BCH and BSV to stay profitable, perhaps switch over to BTC for those 45 days. Prices will probably be extremely volatile for all 3 until after a month after the BTC Halvening. Miners will then decide in what direction on where all 3 of the projects will be heading.

  8. They already had cryto. Just log on your bank. You now communicate in cryto. Block chain anybody can develop. So what big deal. Buy my bitcon it will go up!

  9. BITCOIN TO 25k NOV 13TH. It'll start it's uptrend there Nov 13th at 12am then by the halving May 14th it should be at 20-25k where there we will have and even bigger uptrend then the last two pumps we saw in 2018 and 2019

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