Big Things are Happening in Cryptocurrency! Vechain | Cardano | Zcash | China [Bitcoin News]

Hey Altcoin Daily Team!! Yes! You are gonna like this video. Today I want to talk about Bitcoin, China, Visa, Zcash, Vechain and Cardano. BIG THINGS ARE …


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  1. YOU ROCK BROTHER , what's your feel on the chico supomon FUD surrounding VET , I think sky got MASSACARED over far less, 45$ in may June to 5$ , over fake news and fake scams , people are sheep , 1 can be taught , in mass they just follow

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  3. I found Vechain a little out of the reality when willing to showcase. the authentification of the product are made with NFC/RFID chips and don't use blockchain as the main component of the verification because those components are embedded in the tags itself (e.g. signature – key – encryption scheme)
    …the authentification process can occur offline and doesn't require a database or a blockchain.
    But the blockchain or database can be use to report the act of authentification to trigger other action (fidelity program, promotion). When combining technologie like NFC/RFID and Blockchain there is a great opportunities to showcase but also easy to mislead people about the way it is working.

  4. when it comes down to it, Monero is far better then Zcash, Zcash sold out and scrwed over all the orginal people supporting its network when they embraced ASIC mining Even though there orginal white pages stated they would strive to be ASIC resistant, While Monero stood behind its white page and its supporters and continue to fight ASIC mining centralization with Fork updates and upgrades, The upgrades and work we have seen by the monero Team in the last 8 months is more work then Any other Crypto project team out there.

  5. Great info! Checkout, a new tokenized exchange. The UI is like Binance. You receive a 70% discount on trades when fees are paid in CPEX, the utility token. They have giveaways, referral bonuses, and weekly trading contests. See their rewards page. Right now you can buy CPEX for just pennies with a max supply of 100 million. They are soon to be listed on CMC, and when discovered the price will soar.

  6. actually XRP will dominate soon. it has a lot of advertisement and planning. Hollywood actors and actresses are going to invest soon. Get atleast 50 units now while its cheap. goodluck

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