Big Things Are Happening for Cryptocurrency in 2020 ? | Best Cryptocurrency News in May 2020

Today we discuss Bitcoin uptime, a NEW class-action lawsuit against Bitmex, AS WELL AS another class-action against EOS’s This is the best …


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  1. I don't like BitMEX but i think this lawsuit is total B.S … It's just a case of 'these ppl are making so much money, let's come up with a Trumped up charge to get some' tactic ie. GREED.

  2. We could see 1 million this year. This is how we do it. 1. Pick a day. 2. Meme that day. 3. On that day everyone set their their sell orders to 1 million per coin on that day. We would drive up the price by sheer force. All the buy orders for under that would be bought up quickly and institutions would fomo in after seeing a sell wall at 1 million on the exchanges. We could make that day a Monday and call it “moonday”.

  3. Established in 2017, the Slovenian company 4thpillar technologies Ltd. (i.e. 4THTECH) aims to address the problem of blockchain eDelivery (i.e. document exchange) and provide an option for blockchain address ownership verification.

    4THTECH infrastructure reportedly consists of four finished blockchain-based products; (1) FOURdx (i.e. document or file exchange protocol/eDelivery); (2) FOURid (i.e. digital identity verification mechanism); (3) 4THTECH ADD-ON (i.e. Google Chrome extension with the build-in document or file exchange); (4) FOUR-TOKEN (i.e. main value and “GAS”), and; (5) HI-WISE (i.e. hardware & mobile wallet).

    Buy in idex soon this coin will boom ????

  4. In my opinion Bybit also dump and pump based on their open contracts. My theory is they sell the data externally, through a backdoor, to rich whales with bots. They feed the bots the commands and then pump or dump. Then the profits from stop losses are shared with the whale.

  5. My two favorite projects have also big news in the pipe. A privacy respecting search engine which rewards you in crypto for searching in the internet: #presearch and a crypto friendly banking platform: #cashaa. Underrated projects now, which will be more recognized in the future.

  6. Love this channel. I need to learn cryptocurrency terms. Also, since I am so new, I was wondering what everyone is talking about when many make reference to the “$10,000” mark. Would now be considered a good time to buy? I have yet to make a purchase. I am eager to, but not if this is not a good time to buy. I have a lot to learn, obviously. Lol.

  7. IQ.cas (h ) coin was created the way so the profit is split in proportion of 57% and 43% between MasterNode (server with deposit) owners and miners accordingly. Additional 6% DAO is reserved to be either shared with people helping to develop the project or to simply dissolve once a month. What are MasterNodes created for? To simplify, those are assistant servers which let coin to operate the payments inside the blockchain system. To create such a server, the owner must ‘rent’ it from the hoster. Its cost might vary from US $1 to US $4 per month. You must have a 3,000 IQ deposit to make the investment work #passiveincome #investing #cryptonews #masternode #altcoins #payments #investment

  8. The pace at which awareness is gained by bitcoin is so liberating, we are been released from the grip of the traditional currency which has kept us captive since time immemorial and its high time we take charge of our finances and join the campaign. The goal s to aim for 20 btc as DR . Flesher advised before Bitcoin Halving and my route to this goal is trading using Alexandro Flesher's daily signals. For the last 2 months that I have been copying his signals, I have accumulated almost 6 btc already and with an eye on $15,000 per bitcoin in the near future, the sky is the limit. He is one of the best traders out there to have as a mentor in my opinion and his is a system that should gain more awareness as so many are completely unaware of the potentials in trading. Alex can be contacted via *Whats-app +48732100321 and Telegram @ Alex_flesher * for inquiries into profitable trading.

  9. I tried to manipulate prices of altcoins? but ended up with no conclusion just lost 2% of my portfolio. Sometimes it feels like it's working but sometimes they make no difference.

  10. Esh pairing bot rise better buy parachute project coin.current price will be 130 gwei according to bottom of 100 gwei
    Soon it will reach to 2000 gwei (20x) soon ?????

  11. In 2 months I have close to $10,000 on my account with $3,000 as capital and have withdrawn up to $5,000 from it. without an affliate program it is a bull run on the account

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