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  1. Could you please check Genesis Vision ? GVT is listed in Binance and price is 2.20 usd. Max Supply is only 4.5 million. There will be DEFI Integration in march.

  2. Just a thought: So in the spirit of GameStop, if all the bitcoin guppies buy as much bitcoin as they can on January 30th at 3:00pm Eastern Time… all of us at once in unison… will that shake out all those manipulating whales driving down our bull market?

  3. Can you please consider making a video about what altcoins are worth
    hodling after this bullrun and through the next bull market? I know long
    term is unknown but, lets say: what makes sense keeping for at least
    two bull runs? Thanks so much for your content!!

  4. The DEATH KNELL of cryptos has been sounded!

    BIS only wants Central Banks issuing CRYPTOS, article out about 3ish hours ago.

    Not sure when the hammer falls, but it WILL!


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