BIG NEWS: Bitcoin Just Got A HUGE BOOST! 401k Investment NOW POSSIBLE. Bullish Accumulation in 2020.

Wow! Bitcoin just got a HUGE BOOST in 2020! Employers are now able to opt in so their employees can invest in Bitcoin through their 401k. This is a MAJOR …


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  1. Timestamp: ?
    0:20 – Where Is Bitcoin at In Its Current Cycle?
    1:20Bitcoin Breaking ATH Means TOP in 9 Months (Possibly)
    1:45 – Support The Channel
    1:46 – Recent News
    2:22 – Grayscale Still Seeing HUGE Inflows!
    3:12 – On-Ramps/Plumbing/Infrastructure At ALL TIME HIGHS
    3:48 – ErisX Making Moves
    5:00 – ?Bitcoin 401k News!
    6:24 – Facebook Libra News
    8:27 – Interesting Tweet
    9:18 – India Central Bank Says YES To Crypto (Again)
    10:06 – End

  2. I feel like a sheep when the peddling for likes and subs is to get the video to more people. Just say that it helps the channel earn income for the hard work you put into it. More than willing to support you in that way. And also comment, even if I sound like a d*ck, to help the algorithm. Cheers from Rwanda.

  3. You've already been able to get access to BTC in a 401K for years through shares of the Greyscale Bitcoin Trust, which tracks very closely the price movement of BTC. They buy BTC in the fund when you buy shares – basically like the gold ETF GLD.

  4. Reality, sell now or you should have sold at 10k and buy it back at 6k – stop trying to help people who didn’t sell. I have now changed my HODL mentality and I am NOT leverage trading. Sell high, buy low. You’ll make shit loads of money. Patience is a must, and learn TA. It helps a little.

  5. I wonder if it's going to be 9 months again, if it's not going to be quicker or longer with a higher treshold, as the previous times have not had the amount of spread and popularity that keeps growing; while more whales join into Bitcoin because they get convinced by it's fundamentals simply from being pushed away from fiat by the governments.
    "Game-theoretic aspects" is something I've always imagined but failed to find the words to describe the gamers worldview of monetary systems throughout virtual space. Revealing a possibility of a more fun but still Matrix like future of our world, since y'know… we are all building new worlds and considering there are no limits, our world might as well be "just another simulation".
    But looking past that, there is currently no proper incentive to look beyond our reality except to disprove religions, because there is no guarantee the other levels/dimensions are more enjoyable than what we have.

  6. As the Bitcoin reward halving supply shock closes in, more good news for Litecoin..??‍♂️

    ‘From vote results we have now added $LTC #Litecoin to our Buy Crypto function! You can now buy $LTC using bank cards and Apple pay right on the ELLIPAL App and get it sent directly to your wallet!’

  7. Great video. Navi sounds like it will be facebooks version of Metal Pay. I won't switch, Metal Pay is freakin dope and I'm not trusting Facebook w my money

  8. The only problem with these charts you pull up is that bitcoin has never seen a recession before. Bitcoin was born out of the 2008 recession and we have been in a bull market ever since and bitcoin outperformed everything. However, volatility goes both ways.

  9. The classic mistake being made over and over again in behavioural finance so to say, is taking behaviour patterns from the past and extending that into the future. O, that variable behaved like that, and that's why it will behave like so in the future. Think again. In essence movements are Brownian motions in the sense that nobody can predict future behaviour of financial assets. NOBODY. If anything has to be learned from – for instance – the LTCM 1998 crisis, than it would be that (= LTCM was the hedge fund run by the best academic guys in the past. PhDs and Professors). Therefore, it certainly can not be predicted by extrapolating graphs. So, hold on for some unexpected rides on the BTC express.

  10. FB has partnered with Ripple a while ago. Interestingly, FB new design looks like, dare I say it, Ripples. At the very least maybe like water. Hmmm.

  11. It is uncertain when the lockdown period will be over and i wana focus entirely on investing but where exactly? I read on Investopedia about an investor who makes $380k in relatively short terms,I look to retire in 5 years and I have $32k to get started,how can i be successful?

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