BIG NEWS! Bitcoin Heating up in Turkey, Ukraine, & European Union | Tezos Staking | Binance Russia

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  1. All these countries that have been bullied by the IMF and US foreign policy for decades (Greece,UkraineVenezuela,etc.) are looking to get away from the USD and into crypto. It's an interesting development to say the least.

    I can definitely see the store of value for the future as BTC.

    I think it's inevitable that centralized non private state owned digital currencies are the currency of the future.

    Tezos? I've watched it for awhile but haven't bought any yet. The staking situation on Coinbase is interesting.

    Binance should never allow high leverage. Most people get rekt. It's a sleazy way to prey on desperate gamblers. I'm not libertarian in sentiment, so I do not think a business or a government should just do whatever simply because it's "what people are asking for. " Crypto was supposed to be about self sufficiency and financial independence for Everyman from the rich and exploiters.

  2. Btc $20,000 all time high from zero dollars x $20,000 repeat of past performance of last 11yrs x 21,000,000 btc = $8,400, 000,000,000,000?

    Is that correct? More money and wealth probably in the world? So past performance is not indicative of future results, I think there has to be a reasonable value for a speculative asset with no p/e?

  3. Government crypto’s just prolong the inevitable If they mess up and continue to mess up then add another way to f everyone.. ppl in my opinion still won’t jump into btc because they have a newer option for now when they actually have the end option in front of them as we speak..

  4. All Governments are inept. Especially Dictatorships. Valid Governments can never get something done in a timely way. Nor do they have the talent and innovation that the private sector has. They always corrupt their strategies to their own lust for power and greed for wealth. Then their activities are compared to Bitcoin and fail miserably.

  5. oh ye, i always noticed the cash app btc price was a bit higher than usual, like 1.5% or a bit more. I figured that was their money being made so I never complained, its nice itll be out in the open now tho

  6. These "country issued crypto's" are not true freedom coins, they are simply a "DigiFiat" replacement for "PaperFiat" currencies which include trace-ability and removal of any perceived freedom included in paper money.

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  8. My thing with these governments getting involved is they will be creating centralized digital currencies. They will pretty much be coming out with currencies that are the opposite of what Bitcoin was created for. My hope is that people learn about Bitcoin and it's differences from these new centralized currencies.

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  10. Being realistic, there is no good reason to believe it will go up. The market fundamentals are very poor. Bitcoin has failed its intended use case and the technology is extremely outdated. With vast superior payment methods taking off left and right, there is no real reason to own bitcoin. Digital gold you may say? I certainly hope it doesn’t suffer the same fate as gold and silver. You could be waiting most of your life to ever see an ATH again if that’s the case. Futures trading and banks owning bitcoin are purely to suppress the price, not pump it up. Exchange manipulation, whale manipulation, and no retail interest is a bad sign. Government opposition is strong especially as the price rises. An ETF likely is never going to be approved I think the SEC has made that pretty clear by now. God bless everyone who is heavily invested in this market. I’ll pray for you.

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