Big Change: I Have Stopped Buying Bitcoin. Here Is My New Strategy!

Bitcoin Continues To Make New 2019 highs | My New Plan | Fidelity Expanding | Lighting Network Growing | Roger Ver Responds To Craig Wright | Litecoin …


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  1. Your extremely down to earth commentary if refreshing compared to some of the other channels fomo. Keep up the good videos.

  2. If we go to the 6200… I will be 1000% fomo otherwise I still think we have another dump.. I hope the last one

  3. Just say it, today's bitcoin is been with some great mods, now have segwit, there is a red flag in most exchanges due to tether and wash trading habits from whales, we been plyaed to this point i dont touch it for a while

  4. All that bullshit about that 6k resistance lol, that was actually a strong support line before the market attacks due to the BCH fork fiasco

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  6. Tons of resistance at $6200. ? not anymore!!! It’s now tons of resistance and it happened just a couple of hours after you made the video, what do we do now buddy ???

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