Best Cold Storage Wallet? Ledger Nano VS SafePal! Unboxing Video! SafePal Review

Safepal Website link: Safepal Purchase link: Do you use a cold storage wallet to store your cryptocurrency?


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  1. to be honest safepal uses encrypted qrcode what seems safer then ledger and is way cheaper and seems just as efficient if not more they killed it

  2. According to me …both of them are not worth to buy in 2020 …
    after covid19 people are shifting towards crypto …so the hacking risk also arises …
    people needs now a decentralized platform…
    2020 has come with many new hardware wallets… including keep key and WALAHALA Hardware wallets …
    but i will prefer WALAHALA Hardware wallet
    they have their hardware wallet .. exchange and coin …
    their hardware wallet is decentralized connected to their own live exchange …
    means your money will be in your hardware wallet only ..not even in exchange ….
    time has come that we dont have to be slaves to exchanges anymore..keep your assets with you only

    you should also make a video on their wallet..

  3. How do you know all these hardware wallets don't come with pre determined as phrases that are known by the manufacturer? They could bide their time and steal the coins later.

  4. Hi, i had a 1h problem with SafePal, i lost all my polkadot for an hour(they came back), then i check were safePal its located, (republic of Seychelles) its an island in the middle of nowhere, its that a good thing?? i don't think so. (sorry i don't speak english)

  5. How do I get my trade history for taxes on the safepal hardware wallet? I can't find any information on how to get tax info and I can't get safepal support to respond. I have done a lot of swaps in it. So I need this for my taxes. Anyone? Please help.

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