Be Ready! If You Are Waiting To Buy Bitcoin Then You Might Want To Watch This. JUST MY OPINION!

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  2. Stop using a coin tracking website like CMC to discuss price action; it does not make you or your channel look good. I sincerely hope that you’re not using such charts to identify entries and exits.

  3. Everybody was saying:
    We are going below 3k (not happened)
    We are due for a correction, we are in wave 5 (not happened)
    We will dip to 4.2k, nope!
    We are not going to go above 4.8k, my shorts are red red red
    We are going to be rejected from 5k!!, sorry boy
    We will never go above the 5.4k resistance… I’ going all in when we crash
    6k is a major resistance, this is a summer pump and we will correct…

  4. Back in Jan of 2018 I asked my astrologer if I should buy Bitcoin with some money i got. he said not until Jan of 2020. i know this may sound silly but he has already been proven right. Just look how high it was back when i asked him.

  5. Every single day people put their money in the banks to earn .00001% back .
    ANNUALLY! And you people think .90% daily is unsustainable? Bitcoin is going to be $27,500 before he end of 2018.. BTC
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  6. All you dudes are drawing lines and forecasting a dump since bitcoin went from 3k to 4k. The only thing happening so far is that btc is climbing every month to new highs. So wait till btc drops and meanwhile watch it climbing to 10k. Buy now, it will only rise in the coming 2 years

  7. Bitcoin or other coins, no difference. All this is another way to tickle your nerves! Well, go to the casino! ))) And for those who are looking for stability and income, the best offer is prizm(pzm)! Examine the white paper, ratings and you will become clear. Prizm is unique on many points!

  8. DOGE on Coinbase. Awesome. ? But sucks as all my ??? are on Robinhood app, no bloody wallet and NO BENEFICIARY! To leave all my stash if I get run over or hit by a truck. ???

  9. Whatever man. Wait to buy. It won't rally 100% of the time from here on out. DCA into a correction.

  10. It seems like you're stretching the truth a little bit. April is not summer. I don't I think this sort of investment has much of a seasonal factor. Maybe a little

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    I sign up for coinbase, funded my account a week ago, and the funds is still pending, although coinbase took the money out of my bank account. Coinbase panel states I have to wait another two weeks before my money is active. If I knew that coinbase was going to hold my money hostage I would have never opened up a account. No real Bank holds people money hostage for three weeks. It appears that coinbase is pulling some type of scam. (holding people money to pay off others)
    Release my money, so I can get it out of coinbase, and close my account.
    Thank You.

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