Be Cautious: Bitcoin Just Hit Major Resistance! Watch This Video To See! [+ Crypto News]

Bitcoin Hitting Major These Resistance Levels| Fundamental/Macro Analysis | Hashrate Reaches 6-Month High | Facebook Reverses Ban On Crypto Ads | CNN …


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  1. Just found this channel, and I think it's pure gold!! (I mean, pure bitcoin!) Thanks a lot for your analysis. Really like it. It's a fair analysis and I've learned a lot already in only 2 days!

  2. people are better off waiting for the retest then buy in. the rsi is hitting very high a dump in price is coming soon.

  3. @Altcoin Daily: would you do a video on BNB coin? Would love to hear your thoughts about it. Honestly I think they have managed their hack communication very well. Seems like a decent investment in the long run.

  4. New here….came as a suggested channel…now a follower…analysis is bang on!!
    Did some backward analysis of previous posts and I'm impressed.
    Thank you!

  5. Hey Guys ✌?. I sell my Bitcoins at 6.300?, because i thought that BTC will fall a little bit, but now im scared ???. I now that is lot of greed now, and people are buying or take their altcoins and go into bitcoin. Do you guys realy think that Bitcoin will fall down? I dont know what to do now ??‍♂️.

  6. I got into CC during Jan 2018 and been spending hours a day everyday following YT cc folks. Your videos are always sensible and appreciate your voice.

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