Be Careful! The Bitcoin Price is Being Manipulated! ?Plus Apollo and Ethereum News!

Hey Altcoin Daily Team!! Yes! You are gonna like this video. Today I want to talk Bitcoin Manipulation. Plus Apollo and Ethereum. Follow us on Twitter here: …


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  1. I avoid the exchanges as they’re obviously being rigged/manipulated. I use a broker and lock my buy order. I don’t day trade as have long term horizons. To me, the use of the exchanges isn’t really in line with the purpose of crypto– P2P transactions. There are alternatives to the exchanges. We need to force them to change. Crypto is about individual monetary sovereignty, sound money. We have options.

  2. This channel is like my daily oatmeal. I dont always like it but I do it because its good for me. Joking! Thanks guys, I actually enjoy it more than my oatmeal 🙂

  3. Pretty sure it's the exchanges manipulating the market. Remember a time last year when coinbase had system issues for an hour and the price of btc spiked out of no where, close to $400 in a bear market.

  4. The fact that bots can target funds with specific algorithms it is clever and troublesome at the same time. You've put together a very good analysis. Just like a proof of keys day we maybe should have a proof of human day – all don Hi-vis vest and post positive posts all day.
    Every time I put a trade in on Binance always 100% of the time, a bot immediately places a bigger order in front of me. The best bet is to stick to your guns or in a tight spread take the market order. Thanks for a great video.

  5. With an unregulated market of course there are going to be scammers. Been saying this for almost a year now. If there isn't a bull market within the next month it's going to die on the vine.

  6. I think the term “ scam” is tossed around way too loosely in crypto, do I think Apollo is a scam? NO. All the issues that have come up have been explained by the Apollo Director and they are actually very transparent. They have been very timely in their roadmap, all this FUD was created by NXT to attack Apollo because Apollo is seen as a threat, they are making huge advancements in their technology in regards to speed and privacy. The Reddit post is highly inaccurate, also, where was all this FUD before the pump? Projects that are scam don’t continue to spend money and resources to improve their project, they steal investors money and runaway, this is not the case with Apollo. CryptoBitcoin Chris and Journey to 100k are defending Apollo and don’t believe they are a scam, DYOR instead of reading an anonymous post on Reddit.

  7. Good presentation. Yes It is quite clear there are Bots manipulating the market. Perhaps someday a white hat will shut down such Bots for the good of all. How I am dealing with them. Once you notice the pattern activity you can try and play the high side but again Bitcoin is intended as a currency that enables peer to peer commerce. This is something that I just do not see happening as most are still stuck in investment mindsets. This is what ultimately gives these bots the advantage. There is not an infinite number of BitCoin in play so let us look at that. One thing that we could do is as you suggest buy and hold. It would take people working on the same playing field to make it work but if there was for a spell nothing for the bots to buy or sell then they are no longer profitable and may cease to be worth the cost of operation. Very few people are utilizing the benefit of the peer to peer advantages provided by this currency. Maybe someday it will change but for now as you point out its something we have to deal with.

  8. Wow awesome video! I'm glad you opened my eyes on this! I had a similar thing happen with an alt coin. After I changed my price, the other buy orders changed their price higher and it went on and on with me changing the price higher because I wanted my order to fill. I just let my order sit at a high price, but the then I was like, "Hold Up! I'm not about to keep raising my price." So I set it to where it was originally and the next day my order filled.

  9. Wahahaha ! How many times did i said BTC price is fucken manipulated ? 3-4 times ? How many times i told you ??!! They made it 20k so that people can understand that it has potential and is a "free" project ! Unfortunatly for us, BTC and ETH ofc are both manipulated and i bet they have the power to make it even worse at 1.5-2k or if they want to ? 30-50k is something even more possible !!! BUT BUT ! 30k is not a price to be reached yet until the secundary Global political movements are not Done ! (ex: plunging or dropping the prices of FIAT coins ). I don't know all but i am telling you guys, this is dream for fools and i am one of them, now that i've seen what is actually been made ! You have money now ? Wanna invest ? "make it" sometihng else but no crypto ! Why ? Because the price is not going to come back very soon !

  10. There are always people behind the bots. Remember that that bots are not beings. Just saying trading bots are not manipulating, the programmers and users behind them are doing that through the bots. And the same things could be easily done by a team of people as that are done by bots. Bots are just cheaper to maintain. ✌️

  11. Enigma (ENG) will go over 200x it's current price when the bull market returns.
    I'm not going to blindly shill you guys, I'm going to provide a simple summary as to why, and you can decide for yourselves. Stop worrying about projects that are trying to become currencies and digital cash, or trying to be the next bitcoin.

    Blockchain is the future. Even the big Wall Street figures that openly bash Bitcoin, acknowledge that BLOCKCHAIN is the future. So look for projects that are catering to BLOCKCHAIN and not currency. Enigma's MPC protocol will be massive to the blockchain world and Enigma/MIT is years ahead of everyone else in terms of MPC and private/secret contracts. Enigma's protocol can be applied to any blockchain as a supplemental layer. Read these links for yourself and you'll see why Intel is working with them and has a direct partnership with Enigma. This project is fully backed and launched by MIT, and several of the largest crypto venture capital funds are invested (Pantera being one of them, check for yourself). When Fortune 500 companies begin launching their own blockchain systems and don't need to use projects like NEO or EOS, they'll still be turning to outside vendors for things that supplement their own blockchains – this is where Enigma will be massive. These links below are from as early as 2014. Enigma has a lot of things hidden and some massive alignments with government sectors and huge corporations. The direct partnership with Intel alone is the largest corporate tech partnership of ANY cryptocurrency project in the world.

    When mainnets and other blockchains begin going live in the months and years ahead, and they need to be able to have private contracts on their blockchains that are capable of scaling, this is where Enigma and Intel will begin to explode. In a $1 Trillion total market, Enigma can see a total market cap from $10 billion to $20 billion realistically. That would be a 400 to 800 TIMES return on your investment at current prices.

    Enigma is also launching a node program, where you'll be able to stake your Enigma tokens and generate MORE enigma as network rewards for running a node. Depending on enigma's price in the future, you could be making $50k a year just from network rewards without selling any of your original ENG. Do your own research, but these links area great start and they're all from before the FOMO and market hype.

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