Bakkt Will Bring Bitcoin to $100,000. And It’s Launching TODAY!

Bakkt begins testing on Monday….If you don’t know: Bakkt, in essence is what is going to bring Bitcoin and cryptocurrency into the mainstream…even more.


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  2. This is misleading the crypto community. All these garbage futures will just ruin bitcoin.
    It ruined gas, oil, precious metals and now digital currency. The best one in the crypto list is ETH and alt coins. They don't have a futures market yet. Governments and banks ruined this country and now they will ruin btc. Time to move into a different crypto

  3. What are the odds that the Dolphin fans have exchange accounts and wallets? I think it's very minimal. And the ones that know nothing about cryptos will be asking "where do I get these Litecoins?". Oh, well, you have to apply to an exchange like Coinbase, submit a selfie with your driver license, etc., and the you can get LTC. Seriously, how many people will go to that much trouble to buy the charity tickets?

  4. It sucks they only wanna include crypto payment when they are for lottery tickets. I hope they adopt on day to accept litecoin/ bitcoin for purchasing tickets. But nevertheless any exposure is good exposure

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  6. I like your channel, but as an influencer you should perhaps be a bit more careful with your content if you care about your subscribers. 100K uptrend starting today? Based on some news? I would suggest to be careful people. Many times when it looks good, it drops and vice versa.

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  8. so no coinbase? i can't stand their customer service. almost non existant. I heard of people gotten their account frozen too.

  9. bakkt is worth 740milion, the investor to get they investment woth it they must have a bakkt that at least is valued 5x more. That means , btc inside bakkt must have a huge ammount of volume . If that happens btc will see 1 btc = 50.000+ usd.

  10. If i had a crystal ball. The year 2029 most fiat currencies facing global extinction because the web doesn't care about state owned currency. Bitcoin is store of value (like gold is today) and won't be going nowhere. Digital doesn't need a tangible asset like gold. Think about it, electrical energy had to be created/used in order to create Bitcoin, so it has literally converted energy into wealth. It hasn't come from thin-air, as some might claim. There will be many altcoins around in the future, some much more successful than others. Bitcoin will be worth $100,000,000 in 10 years is my bet. HODL FOR 10 YEARS AND DON'T SELL ANY!

  11. If it ever hits $100k in my lifetime I'm cashing one of my bitcoins out. I am going to enjoy the fruits of this stressful labor with cryptos in this lifetime and my daughter can take the rest.

  12. If Bakkt works out then it could create huge btc volumes. How much do you think that the CME settles every month in fiat?

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