Bakkt Offers New Feature to Send Bitcoin, Gift Cards and Cash to Anyone via Bakkt App

Bakkt Offers New Feature to Send Bitcoin, Gift Cards and Cash to Anyone via Bakkt App

Now users of the Bakkt app can conduct digit asset transactions, like those related to gift cards, cash and Bitcoin, instantly and with anyone, even those who do not have the Bakkt app on their phones.

The Bakkt app recently announced its wider Peer-to-Peer (P2P) competences that will assist all app users in carrying out gift cards, Bitcoin, and cash transactions with anyone via Email. So it does not matter if your friends, colleagues or family members use the Bakkt app or not; you can simply open the app on your phone and undertake these virtual transactions to surprise them instantly.

To enjoy these click-of-a-button digital transactions, users should visit their Play store and update the existing version of the app. Once you are done with it, select one of the Screens dedicated to Cash, Crypto and Gift Card on the app and initiate your digital transactions. The app offers a single yet distinct wallet to accumulate all the digital assets thus making digital asset transactions a smooth process that is easy to understand and execute by all users. Send Bitcoin to your people in your immediate circles and initiate them in the booming crypto world. Or else you can write them a digital card i.e. a gift card to visit their favorite resort or restaurant and make the gift-giving a tailor-made experience. And do all this while you get amazing discounts on the app while purchasing these gift cards.

According to the statement released by CEO Gavin Michael, Bakkt App has aimed to transform the marketplace and payments infrastructure to make transactions possible for all virtual assets. He believes this new feature will give the consumers an effortless digital experience. With Bakkt, a digital asset marketplace, you can sell, spend, store or buy digital assets.

The Bakkt app sets out to give incentives to all stakeholders within its virtual assets and payments ecosystem thereby making them happy. The relevance of digital assets and the booming of related industries are visible in the sudden craze for and buzz around cryptocurrencies, NFTs and similar services and products. Even amidst the ongoing restrictions put on cryptocurrencies around the world, people are becoming digital savvy and wish to know more and more about such endeavors.

The Peer-to-Peer technology used by the app aims to empower its users with capabilities to effectively manage their digital asset transactions on-the-go. This would maximise the users’ digital asset ownership while also helping other involved parties achieve a reduced cost of payments and promote a meaningful and deeper relationship with their customers. It is thus a win-win for all.

About Bakkt App

Bakkt Holdings, launched by Intercontinental Exchange, owner of the New York Stock Exchange, has been leading the financial services innovation, focusing on unravelling and redesigning the value of digital assets like rewards, gift cards, and cryptocurrency and loyalty points. The app offers solutions to all stakeholders as it makes consumers realize the true worth of digital assets, helps merchants engage with customers through payments, and allows institutions to access & leverage these digital assets. Launched in 2018, Bakkt is counted amongst the fastest growing crypto entities and is a holder of the BitLicense, given by the New York State Department of Financial Services (DFS). It currently has its headquarters in Atlanta, Georgia.

In today’s post-Covid world, physical meets and transactions in person are avoided in order to keep the environment safe for everyone. At such a juncture, the use of such digital mediums that give users an option to send gifts or cash digitally will not just consolidate the industry’s footprint among retail consumers but will also lead towards greater digital education among both young and old.

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