ATTENTION: Donald Trump Is About To Shut Down The Stock Market [JUST MY OPINION] ?

U.S. Presidents have a history of shutting down The Stock Market during times of crisis. In 1933, Franklin D. Roosevelt (FDR) did it. In 2001, George W. Bush did …


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  1. ???? Trump & the Fed are both dogshit traders. Everyone knows not to catch a falling knife. They should have let the market sink for 30-40%, sit for a month, and THEN do a big stimulus to rejuvenate.

    Instead it has tried to fight the Offers coming down and smashing everyone… as it re-prices.

    No-one cares about the damn Printing & Stimulus because it's a Demand Side issue. ????

  2. Jim Rickards: economic freeze is here, get gold, silver if you can and get ready
    "If you shut down the New York stock exchange, and I can’t sell stocks and get cash, I’m going to sell my money market funds or redeem my money market funds. Then you’ve got to shut down the money market funds industry, and then people say ‘ok, I’ll go to the banks or the ATMs,’” he said. “And then you’ve got to shut down the banks so the point is, it spreads from exchange to money markets, to brokerage accounts, to banks, and you end up shutting down the entire system.”

  3. So… Limit shorts and kick-the-can-down-the-road… Based on other things we have done this with… Is there some sort of statistical curve in which we reach a point that we simply can't do this anymore??? How many times have they going to not open the stock market because the limit on how far it is down has been reached? Day after day #woke #hodlBTC

  4. Comment saw on Twitter.
    “Capitalism is well known for socializing losses and privatizing profits, at the first signs of a crisis”
    So true !!

  5. Not Trump’s fault? That 2 trillion tax cut for the corporations to buy back their own stocks and to the 1 %. That hurt the economy by making the debt bubble even bigger and the greedy corporate CEO’s don’t have a plan and want a bailout.

  6. A little misnomer to say Bush shut it down, 9/11 caused so much damage to the actual inner workings of the market, the data feeds, etc… that the market couldn't remain open, it opened when they were able to repair it.

    Trump shutting it down now would ONLY be political for him, it going down makes him look bad, there is no reason the market should be shut down now, even in bad time a lot of people earn their living via trading and a lot of businesses need to have free trading stock so they can raise money and carry out business and considering all of it can now be done online there is no reason to shut it down.

  7. What the government is doing to us the Chinese can never do. The virus is a wimpy virus look at the numbers. But shutting down the economy is not only just devastating financially but people are getting sick and dying

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  9. Why not just let a recession happen it seems inevitable anyway. Accept, survive and move on. After a big recession the economy will come back stronger

  10. This is a shit. Now, FED is going to print more and more money over trillions of dollars to inyect in the US economy and help they people and save the US markets or it's may to provocate a collapse in the economy.

  11. The bad economy "is not his fault"?! What? Seriously?? What do you call those unconditional tax cuts to the rich AND corporations that he authored and passed TWICE in his short 4-year term? And those were given with ZERO pre-conditions for keeping/expanding employment at said corporations! So now that extra money goes to corporations and gets passed out in the form of bonus checks for Upper Management and stock buybacks (which do NOTHING for the economy at large) and employees continue to get laid off. SMH. Come on Altcoin Daily! You can do better analysis than that!!

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