ANNOUNCEMENT: President Trump Opening up America Again – Will Economy Recover in 2020? | Bitcoin

President Trump has JUST unveiled his ‘Opening Up America’ plan, and is aiming for May 1st! Will the economy recover in 2020? LET’S DISCUSS! Plus, Bitcoin


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  1. That's the best news ever. The absolute worse thing that could be done would be to remain closed. We don't live in communist China. We are free people and not slaves to our country dictators.

  2. Stimulus is intended to help the corporations and not the average people.

    The food prices will increase by atleast 3% to 10%.

    Crypto is safe for the next decade. Its not just BTC but also tiny coins that revolutionize different industries that will be worthy investment. These include DATA, NPXS, SNT and BTT. Each of these will revolutionize their respective industries.

  3. Trump is very smart on selecting people he can control. Kelly is now in a position where she can only comply with Trump's requests.

  4. We thought our PM here in Aus was a tool. (He is) Sitting here watching in horror the situation unfolding in the US and cringing at your deluded “leader” who is responsible for killing many thousands more people than had he taken action sooner. And scratching our heads seeing he seems to have support over his actions. Baffling times. Economy “trumps” life. The world is upside down. Wishing you all in the US the best of luck.

  5. sure, let's put money interest and markets and dividends for the 1% before the health of the 99%, let's open the marke.. the borders

  6. another option would be for people to create their own social libertarian society, kill any notion of accumulation of capital responsible for the crisis, and there wouldn't be any more crises, nor poverty, nor people in the streets nor people trying to survive, just free men, free of oppression and wage slavery that this authoritarian regime needs to keep engrossing the rich.

  7. no one should trust any elected official as the citizen should make their own laws if they want to be free, and guess what the barbaric system that is killing poor people and the all life on earth, is at a halt… now is the time to change, now is the time to take back what was stolen.
    No resuming, but a retaking, Yes !

  8. Hi ?‍♂️

    Latest news from Holland (The Netherlands)…..
    First bank started with putting a fee on savings for small amounts.
    It's €2 a month but it's a start.

    We have to PAY to keep our money on the bank????

    Bank makes money with our savings and we have to PAY for that???
    And iff the fail they get a baillout with OUR taxxmoney?

    What a world ?

    Next stop…€5 a month, then €10 etc.

    Get your savings off NOW and put it in Gold, Crypto, Real Estates or even….under your mattrass.
    Everything better then a bank ✌

  9. I trust her to continue to look after the corporations and cronies that run the country. I do not trust her to bring realized inflation adjusted improvements to the standard of living for the average Joe (or Josephine).

  10. I can’t believe we’re putting Lazy eye Loeffler on the task force as if she’s not going to try and profit off of insider info again

  11. There still needs to be a lot of development around simple user base. It is still is to confusing and complicated on that level for most people. I think it makes it very unattractive. Great technology, great fundamentals but bad user base for the cryptocurrency space.

  12. Re opening on May 1st (if it happens) is going to be an absolute disaster.

    The US will be forced into an indefinite lockdown by October due the huge amount of infected and dead…

    Then you're going to see the economy really plummet.

    America will be fighting this virus long after every other country has got back to normal.

  13. We were good little puppies that stayed inside for the past month so we'll be rewarded with a couple of months of outdoor time but come Fall? Test phase is done and data is collected, the real show has yet to begin guys. The great deception is coming.

  14. The scarcity of Bitcoin and the inflation of Bitcoin doesn't mean shit if nobody wants it. I want to see the price of Bitcoin go up and see the adoption of Bitcoin go up and then lets worry about the dam supply. I can sit around my house and paint pretty blue balls with nice colored patterns on them all day long and say hey there are only 75 of these in existence so why the hell are they not worth heaps. My point is that we need to stop going on about how dam scarce something is until the demand for it and the credibility for it goes up so that scarcity actually matters!

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