ANNOUNCEMENT: As of Q1 2020 First Full Cryptocurrency Bank Is Launching in UK ?

Mark Hipperson, who was head of technology for the Barclays group for over a decade as well as co-founder and former CTO at U.K. challenger bank, Starling, …


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  1. I really hope No one puts crypto in this bank. It’s good In part for adoption and new people getting comfortable but it muddies the water a bit in my opinion.

  2. This should be seen by purist crypto holders as a plus, as it provides a stepping stone for the masses to be introduced into crypto, and will ultimately further expand the crypto market. It took any years for credit cards to penetrate and ultimately dominate the market. It takes time to implement change in the human mind.

  3. This channel is so scammerish… this scammer shills scam ICOs in the bull market, rekts his subscribers and then turns bitcoin maximalist and idolizes satoshi who is in prison for child trafficking and pedophilia on dark markets.

  4. Do we need a crypto bank
    Sounds like a glorified wallet
    Another ripple partnership not xrp
    Banks will just use a stable coin
    Why would banks pump our bags for us to then dump the price
    Xrp is garbage as a investment today

  5. Yep im no longer gonna get bitcoin ,thanks if its under bancks control then no thanks.They can screw you up and you think im just gonna give the bank control of it if they can just freeze your banks as will.Moment it said bank then no ,it means you no longer have control of your money.

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