All Eyes Turning To Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency On A Global Level.

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  1. Regulatory fears. Been there, done that. This is nothing new. It's the government and their financial industry buddies trying to force the price down with fear to buy it up cheap. Well screw that. You'll have to brute force the btc out of my cold storage. Strong hands here. And if the US is stupid enough to ban bitcoin, there's a lot of other countries in the world that I can live.

  2. ANY new and effective technology is always adopted by criminals first,
    because criminals must constantly be a step ahead of everyone.
    That's just the nature of a new and effective technology. Arguably, this confirms that the technology is worthwhile.

  3. The government is pissed off because they can’t manipulate anything of btc blockchain and can’t do anything to trace anything about it. The government just want more power and control

  4. He is attacking cryptocurrency by tying it in with random criminal activity.  If I remember correctly…criminals use regular money more than anything to commit crimes.  He may as well bad mouth our U.S. currency while he is at it.  Never mind how people use it for investment purposes.  Government should go after criminals & not complain about crypto investors.

  5. They need to influence people.
    Personally I think, thas some of these people in government own some BTC. They don't have any knowledge about btc at all.
    That dude is full of s…

  6. Didn't Steven Mnuchin work for Goldman Sachs? Regulation is another word for control. "Money laundering" ???? The hell you think cash is for? If cryptos are regulated? There goes the whole concept of decentralization. Say no to regulations. The federal income tax is "voluntary compliance." Using the USD, is how we get taxed and we have seen how the gov spends. Privacy coins are the future. Libra ???? #xmr #arrr #kmd

  7. I don't think the problem lies in the world of illegal activities, the government just doesn't want to lose control over people and their financial activities in order to control them better. I think we have to start looking more out for ourselves and not place our trust in governments to help us in creating order – everything is already so out of balance what comes to the distribution of finance in the world. Cryptocurrencies are the future. For example Yanu, that is a AI robot bar, what also uses their own tokens/cryptocurrency is also paving way for the future of bartending. I don't think it's a bad thing.

  8. So there is a magic force field on the US Dollar that prevents criminals from using it?
    Does the US Dollar leave a trail of all the hands that held it?
    It’s laughable the fear tactics of people who really know nothing about what they are talking about.

  9. He could’ve said the same thing about the dollar – it’s used for the same purposes… knives, guns,cars etc can also be used by bad actors- does that mean they should be banned too?!

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  11. Since I’m from California and you are from Ohio I have some advice……You should admire trees, but there’s no reason to actually hug them.

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