Altcoin Daily, the best cryptocurrency news media online! CNBC Bitcoin Indicator Gives An Insane 95% Accuracy For Bitcoin


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  1. i swear you guys are the best crypto news outlet on youtube.
    you speak slow and clearly, highlight important sentences, put timestamps on every topic, cover not just bitcoin but also a ton of different altcoins and most important of all daily uploads

  2. just use your common sense, is our world economy getting better? New 3 trillion of US dollar is coming to the world market! When BTC start climbing higher it will be very bumpy road, even daily corrections of +/- $10, 15K is normal.

  3. crypto market is so sensible to financial market that is FIAT , FIAT rules and it will rule what happen to your crypto . The price of this asset called cryptocurrency has risen due to the hype of all these channels feeding nonstop bullish, look at these idiotic "last chance" titles and faces they make, this is the reason behind the surge.

  4. BlockFi is trash sorry to say that but I’ve been trying to withdraw for the past 3 days and they keep sending me emails with different estimated dates. For the first time I feel like I truly don’t own my coin with there service. Anyways, nice video keep up the good work

  5. “Tried to do a trade over a weekend, and it’s really really hard… I have, like, a lot of resources in this…” — well, this speaks for its self ?

  6. Those ‘chart readers’ are full of shit. We all want to believe it works like that..
    Different times, different news, different actions. The chart reading is as efficient like voodoo, or the so called democratic system with its puppets, or the news which pressuring fear to control.
    Do not fall for them & their illusions what they aim on pushing deep down in your mind. Get real & enjoy reality. Deny the illusion which make you feel safer & offers comfort.

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