Adoption 2019: Monero Accepted by Fortnite's 125 Million Users! Dash 4000+ Merchants! [Bitcoin News]

Fortnite merch store now accepts Monero! Dash Gains 4000+ Merchants! Bitcoin transactions volume is at a 10 month high! Transaction fees are at a two month …


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  1. Thanks for the video! I appreciate getting these news updates and you bring them concisely with no hype or nonsense. I'm looking into Monero now for sure. My kids play Fortnite like addicts lol. Maybe it'll get them even more interested in crypto. My son likes Bitcoin now that he owns some 🙂

  2. The Fortnite merch store seems to be using the shopify platform as a payment processor / store platform. It is a very widely used store platform used by various clothing stores, meaning that those stores might also adapt monero very soon.

  3. Litecoin has been in existence for 7 years and 9 months, it has grown by 46,150% since then – that averages to about 5,700% per year – I am very surprised it does NOT get more hype and attention…… your thoughts ???

  4. I have an extremely dumb question so be kind. I struggle with how coins will increase in price assuming it goes mainstream in the future. Example: I run a corporation and use DASH to purchase things. One year I pay $100,000 for the DASH I use but next year because usage has increased across the world, I need $200,000 to buy DASH for similar transactions I did last year. Of course, I wouldn’t use it anymore because of radical inflation. I also struggle with Bitcoin being a store of value or a replacement even for shit money like in Venezuela. A guy could buy Bitcoin but then Bitcoin drastically drops for some reason and his Bitcoin loss is even more than his inflationary loss of his shit money. Can someone help me on this?

  5. Hey Aaron, you guys should add an outro to your video so those of us that autoplay the next video have time to like your video or comment before it disappears.

  6. Please prepare some review on the FUTUROCOIN project. I've invested in the FuturoCoin altcoin (good exchange rate now due to BTC crash) and I hope it will bring me profits. What do you think about investing in alt coins now? The prices of them are very favorable now due to the correlation with BTC and BTC price crash.

  7. Dude, let's say those who invest into crypto now will have 10-100x returns by the end of 2019. What the hell do we do with our FIAT, knowing a global crisis is coming? If I move my profit to a bank account, during recesion banks can limit my access to it. If I leave it in crypto, the prices will go down and I will lose my profit as soon as bull run is over. If I invest it in real estate, prices will go even lower during recesion so money is lost there. Keeping money on exchange is also not safe. Keeping FIAT in the safe might not be the safest option, and who knows what will happen to FIAT currency after recession and as crypto grows. WTF do we do with profits in the next 2 years?

  8. Lol… i love your video bro… but ill send u a few things to look at i once thought xrp wasn't decentralized as well… but it will soon be the most decentralized crypto or token….

  9. Absolutely right I think .. we are early adopter … will will make it if we brave enough to hold to go threw the storm!!!
    One shot !! One opurtunity once in a life time !!!
    Thanks for regular update & your hard work …

  10. Hey you !!! Thumbs up !!! Are you kidding me. ??? This is such big news and nobody else covered it_dude you just made my whole year ,,, tank you many many tanks , as many as we have in the Army__I really hope you listen to this post , and video yourself_ wow you can really see how blown away I am by this, been listening to you from the beginning, If I could I would paste a star on your forehead _ so you could show your Mom how well you are doing. Thanks Man keep it up good job…

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  12. I wouldn’t worry about people hating on you for mentioning XRP. I use to talk down about XRP before like many others. Never put out all your eggs in one basket. I took out a decent position around $0.30 and I use to be very hesitant to get in on it. 2019 going into 2020 will be a year for use case I believe and they’re already proving they have one. The more research I’ve done the more I realize it will make you money in the future. Not many crypto’s get more publicity then they do

  13. It's funny you didn't ad BitcoinSV as it was just released and went straight in top 10 its vision is huge it believes in big blocks and has massive ambitions if this is not in yr sights for 2019 is crazy. Bypass bias look at the tech.

  14. Hello Mr. Aaron!!
    Like your videos as always!! Straight to the point, XRP will never make investors rich,!!! Ripple is self centered and they are playing smart games with the ignorant XRP investors!! If Ripple actually care about XRP, they will make it a fundamental token on the Ripple net, but right now it is optional. How can XRP grow when RIPPLE don't even use it for all it's transaction?. Secondly, consider the maximum supply, it is shit!! How can such a currency has value when the basic thing it does is transfer of funds the same thing the other two thousand coins do. Thirdly, it is not a block chain so we can't actually see or verify it's performance in real cases. Fourthly, It has escrow which I call a back door ( intransparent, ambiguous, manipulation) so we don't actually have a means to know the worth of this token at a particular time because only the creator/ Ripple lab can release and withdraw or even create more coins so as to make more money for them selves and live the XRP investors in completely choked. With all the news on partnership the price never take any effect!! Fifth, why has Coinbase refused to list it? Answer, because of ambiguities and intransparency. Last but not the least, will any real bank depend on a token that is actually controlled by private individual or firm like Brad Garlinghouse and crew??? I live that last question to all the XRP lovers to answer personal! Happy new year to all of you!!!

  15. I love your videos, and I am not trying to troll here, but it is very possible to transfer one million dollars of gold in a brief case. $1,000,000 of gold is equal to about 54 pounds. If you were to try and transfer that amount of silver a truck or ship would be needed, but with gold at $1157 per ounce it is possible. That aside I love your videos. You do a great job researching daily crypto news. Keep it up!

  16. Ripple doesn't trade at .36c xrp does. You dropped the C bomb again. This channel did a video a few weeks back about fud regarding xrp centralisation and in this video you call it centralised again. Hard to take you guys seriously. It's all about opinions in this space and all are welcome but stick to the facts guys and be consistent ?

  17. The Lindy chart coupled with how quickly adoption has already grown in a mere ten years, to me personally, is such a clear indication that investing in a diverse portfolio of already proven cryptocurrency now will create some of the wealthiest people on the planet in 40-50 years. The true opportunity for wealth to be more evenly redistributed through mass adoption will most likely not take place for another 20-40 years. We will have ups and downs as we always have, but those who are getting in on this second step of a long staircase will benefit greatly. This is for my girls and boys.

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