Aave, Polkadot, or Ethereum? Best Cryptocurrency 100x Altcoin Investment of 2021? ?Ethereum News

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  1. Hmm… I kinda like the background music – –
    Holdings: 1. ETH 2. DOT 3. SNX / AAVE
    Thank you for your amazing daily content

  2. I have a question maybe somebody can answer
    … if you have a Bitcoin wallet address and you have Bitcoin sitting in it.. but you don't actually know where that Bitcoin wallet address resides is there any way to find out. And yes I understand there's blockchain where you can go see your transaction blah blah blah… I want to know if you can actually find out where that wallet is at!!!? is it on bittrex or is it on coinbase? where does the actual wallet reside?! and can I find out?
    That's one thing I don't like about cryptocurrencies and no one ever talks about ..that how hard it is to get it freaking back if you send it to the wrong place or you don't know where you actually sent it and it's impossible to find out!!! Yes I understand you can see the wallet you sent it to using blockchain or whatever the fck.. but what are a bunch of fckn numbers (a wallet) you don't know where those numbers(wallet) are at!??

  3. Cryptocurrencies will soon rule the financial world on a global scale. Your mind cannot fathom the money that will be made long term from relatively small investments now. ITs the investment of a generation.

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