A PSA To Congressman Brad Sherman! [Brad Sherman VS Bitcoin & Cryptocurrency]

Hey Altcoin Daily Team! Follow us on Twitter : https://twitter.com/AltcoinDailyio Today let’s talk Brad Sherman. He is a bit dense about crypto. I give you my …


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  2. This guys either got to be on the take or that's it he's got to be on the take nobody that incompetent can get voted in no freaking way just goes to show we need to put this voting on The blockchain also so we can account for any mischievious BS with a voting poll

  3. What are misinformed or ill prepared person that has control of the citizens of his State unfortunately I live in how does somebody like that you voted in it just goes to show Americans we need to get up and vote we're letting losers like that run our lives we need to take this country back for the people he is definitely for the corporations

  4. How about just simply use his argument. He said he can use cash or credit. Well, at one point we used rocks and shells, seeds, metals, etc. It is just part of the currency evolution. Do we have criminals stealing fiat cash and credit card numbers? Does Mr. Sherman want to ban those?

  5. It`s all about saving fractional reserve banking which turns a dollar into £100 with no backing . Fractional reserve banking is a huge ponzi scheme. One BTC is one BTC, that`s this mans problem.

  6. Excuse me Mr. Sherman, but I am not a tax evader or a criminal or a drug dealer. I’m a hard-working American citizen who sees a brighter future in a currency that is deflationary and has a multitude of advantages compared to the dollar or any other Fiat currency. Could it be that your interests on this matter are skewed by the fact that your biggest campaign contributions come from institutions which make lots of money processing credit card and traditional means of payment. At my business alone credit card fees and bank charges account for up to 5% of my revenue. When I transact in bitcoin it’s closer to 1%. I hope that people realize many elected officials in Washington do not have the average American citizens interest at heart but only to further their interests.

  7. Brad Sherman…A solution that is solving the inflationary problem and the increasing printing action of the Fed Reserv. Does that answer your question? What are you afraid of really Sherman? afraid that you can't understand what blockchain is??? Don't worry we can teach an old/dump dog new tricks.

  8. Cars, guns, PEOPLE!, are used by bad people . So do we blame the person that was hit by the drunk driver and sue chevrolet because that was the make of car he was in?…That senator needs to step down and ride his dinosaur to the old senators home.

  9. Brad Sherman makes money sitting on his ass…. I work hard for all the money I have, and people like Brad Sherman keep taking what little bit of money I can make. Then make laws telling me what I have to spend the little money they let me keep on. All the various insurances, taxes, and utility bills I have to pay leave me with literally nothing left. Then you add in inflation of the dollar. Well damn when do I get to retire? Oh when I'm dead. Long live crypto!! Banks aren't helping me with dick!! And Brad Sherman definitely isn't helping me with dick!!

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