7 Coins For Huge Gains | How I Would Invest $1000 In Cryptocurrency Today! [DEFI EDITION] | Bitcoin

How would YOU invest $1000? Watch WHOLE video to see how I divide the $1000 USD. I am not a financial advisor! DYOR! MYOD! Follow us on Twitter: …


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  1. fortunately I was so luck to have sold my entire shares and invested in forex and Gold and I'm making 30% profit almost weekly thanks to my friend who introduced me to her stock manager.

  2. If you have a few hundred bucks on Kucoin, might be a good idea to look into VELO. Their backing is absolutely nuts and has been going up even after the hack. Someone smart is definitely buying.

  3. Can't ignore 300% gains from alts in the last few months even including the downturn we have been experiencing. 100% into BTC is conservative for me but I'm an ETH maximalists haha. To each their own.

  4. Making money with bitcoin is easy if you know the right firm to investment firm to work with, jasonmaddison2020 remains the right broker to work with, i have been investing with is firm and I've never had any problems with my withdrawals. Big up to jasonmaddison2020

  5. Nice video, i used to think anything forex or cryptocurrency was totally up to no good.But then I happened to see an interview on CNBC with a professional Stock Broker Mrs Botha Mandla.I reached her out with and after series of clarification and explanation, I made my first investment with $35,000 and within just 5 days of investing she was able to get back a profit of $70,000.I can't really say how she is managing to do it but am ever grateful to her. Forex is changing my life

  6. Hi! Can you please also make a video about how to link different wallets and platforms? Because these coins that you mentioned are sold in different platforms ? Thanks!!

  7. Please help me, I’m Brazilian, and poor, I started investing in cryptocurrencies, but I’m still a layman, because I don’t have people teaching in Brazil, I just wanted you to tell me which cryptocurrency I buy, so that in the near future it will value a lot , please help me, I want to make my parents proud ???

  8. If I'd had 1k, I'd put it 50/50 in 2 SOLID alts 1-30M market cap that you're almost certain will pump at least x2-10.
    Then, with a few thousands, you repeat the process with 2-3 alts.
    IMO, after that it makes sense to look at big caps.

  9. The wise sees economic crisis as a garage sale.currently I am 33yrs old with a goal to have $5m net worth in 5yrs.i want to be time rich. I am 1/5 of the way there.i know I am going to make it with discipline.i am a financial developer and live well below my means.no house payment ever again!if you are curious on how to get your life track.from my experience the best thing that has tripled my net worth in one year was my fidutiary financial advisor Expert Angelina Alcanta .you can use something else. It's just takes a clear vision and discipline.avoid dept cut cost to be time rich! Maybe one day I will own that business I have always dream of and also enjoy my family life ever more.

  10. Thanks for your video, but I have a question. Do you know any good protocols for finding goods? Not long ago found database for registration and identification for stolen or lost items- S4fe, so do you like this system?

  11. Cool video, thank you! Do you take part in DeFi? Not long ago my friend told me about S4fe. As I get this project has created a database for reg, geolocate, and identify for stolen or lost goods. Will this project rise?

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