5 Reasons StellarX Is A GAME CHANGER! [Stellar Exchange Review/ Walk-Through]

Watch this video to find out why StellarX is a game changer for cryptocurrency! Like. Subscribe. Follow us on Twitter at: https://twitter.com/AltcoinDailyio Visit …


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  1. i already have an account there and at least at first sight i don t understand how to use it, of course i trade in binance and many other exchanges, but this one i have no clue how to use it have any tutorial or something???? lol

  2. I got a look at StellarX when it started but I didn't find it particularly appealing. I guess I did not understand its purpose and thought of it as just another exchange. I'll give it a second look.. btw – stay away from that meth. It will mess you up and I'd miss the great videos!

  3. Thanks for the video. StellarX an interesting concept and being built on top of 3rd Gen Stellar network, this DEX (which is what it is really, decentralized exchange) can actually be usable (with on chain transactions confirmed under 10 sec unlike the Etherium based Dex). Please be aware that anything you send to this exchange (fiat or other cryptos) will be converted to XLM and deposited into your wallet that you control. All trading pairs are vs XLM currently and most are done with 3rd party tethers (be that fiat or other cryptos). Unfortunately there is an issue of trust and transparency when it comes to issuers of those tethers, since there is no easy way to know if they actually have the asset to back up their issued tether. On top of that there are also fees to convert tethers back into underlying asset. But overall, secure decentralized exchange with no fees and reasonably fast confirmations can be a game changer indeed.
    PS, one thing to note, when sending XLM from this exchange to lets say Binance, please make sure your withdrawal includes a memo. Due to silly UI bug, there is a way that that memo can get erased and without it, it took me a full day with Binance support to recover my XLM deposit that was sent without memo because it was reset during withdrawal. So make sure to triple check before you send!

  4. You guys are crazy if you think that Stellarx is something great! IT AIN'T anonymous. They still TRACK YOU! If you wanna deposit US dollars, minimum is $1000 and you gotta give them your SSN. So the ONLY good thing about it is that you can park your cryptos in tether there.

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