27 Years Ago! This Bill Gates Interview Says EVERYTHING About Where We Are Today With Bitcoin.

This 1993 Bill Gates Interview Will Blow Your Mind! 27 years ago today, in a 1993 talk show interview, Bill Gates was brought on a tv show and challenged on …


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  1. Can anyone speak or write their Bitcoin address off hand? -That’s highly unlikely.

    Bill Gates made the computer of the 80s into something user friendly with Windows OS.

    Giving a Bitcoin address by mouth over the air is tedious.

    A ‘Cash App’ name and ‘PayPal’ address is still easier than saying a Bitcoin address.

    Even using a credit card ? number is simpler to use than a Bitcoin address.

    Bitcoin, When simple?

  2. bitcoin needs to grow faster. this poor iran general just died. if bitcoin had stopped the banking system from funding the biggest terrorist org in the world—US govt via fractional reserve banking, this wouldn't have happened.

  3. No thanks I’ll stick to gold where I know how it reacts in crisis and is tested. Bitcoin has never lived through a crisis and we have no idea what it will do in time of one. Gold is a safe bet as it is true money and all the banks and governments are well aware of it. Why do you think almost every country has gold reserves? Iv never heard of a crypto reserve lol

  4. Computers vs bitcoin is not a apple's to apple's comparison. The difference is that businesses were using computers before consumers. Personal computers are now on a decline due to mobile devices. Bitcoin will never be a household currency.

  5. Make BTC as easy to use as Google Pay AND remove the Rothschilds/Rockefellers world controllers and BTC will become what we want it to be: a medium of exchange. With that though, that means honest money and honest money means a MAJOR contraction in the economy. You cannot create BTC out of thin air. The Fed creates TRILLIONS constantly to keep this economy going. Honest money puts a stop to all of this. Millions will starve to death.

  6. Any new tech or trends it must go through a bubble stage for example 2001 biggest internet bubble, 2008 biggest real estate bubble, 2018 bitcoin bubble. Every 8-10 years theres always some sort of new bubble but the trends are same internet stocks after 2001 and real estate properties after 2008 are all time high. Bitcoin went up to 20k and dropped to 3k next bull market for bitcoin gonna be higher than 30k at minimum

  7. Bill Gates takes investing advice from Warren buffet….

    Warren buffet says not to be surprised if cryptos are gone in the coming years.

    Soooo… Yeah….

  8. great analogy. One further reason that he could predict the trend is that he was building the trend. One really big hurdle most people relay under emphasize is that the technology under the hood – the Nakamoto consensus- provably cant scale. So there is no world, where Bitcoin as it is, can be used by every person. Bitcoin (on chain) is designed to serve the highest bidder. In 2017 fees went to 60USD, on Ethereum we saw fees as high as 6000USD! (e.g. at the BAT ICO). High fees are not technical but economically, but they will be paid anyways. A heavily used Bitcoin has either very high fees or has to scale. Because Bitcoin IS the mining layer and miners only validate the state-machine as long as they are net-profitable, and miners only profit from ON chain transactions. Scaling is really not trivial, otherwise Ethereum would not abandon the Nakamoto-consensus for sharded consensus…. As long as the answer is a centralized bankster…uhm lightning network, there is no vision.

  9. Brad Garlinghouse is challenged now just like Bill Gates was and XRP will still make a lot of people rich regardless what people speculate about it now. Short term is irrelevant and long term will determine future value. Great video today!!!!! ❤️❤️

  10. except crypto has already had almost 10yrs and is nowhere….whereas 6 yrs after this interview the tech sector peaked and continued to grow. tech adoption should move faster not slower over time…crypto has failed.

  11. Looks like fake news to me that about Russia. Get an official press release in Russian to back it up please. Я говорю чуть-чуть по-русски, буду искать больше об этом.

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