2019 Year of Retail Adoption? Or Institutional Investors? Pundi X or Square? [Bitcoin/Crypto News]

Will 2019 be the year of mass merchant adoption? I think it is more likely that 2019 will be the year of the institutional investors. Let’s talk about it! Also, do you …


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  1. I'm a believer in Pundi X, because they have an actual product utilization that's been in effect for some time. They'll only get better over time. I'll continue to buy while still under a penny and hopefully have a great amount to actually use as a consumer one day. I have to look into Electroneum ETN. I'm unfamiliar about this one; heard of it, but don't know of it. All in all, we're winning as EARLY ADOPTERS!!!!

  2. Check out Substratum. They're working on a CryptoPay app that would allow users to pay in any crypto listed on Substratum's decentralized exchange (Amplify) while the retailer would have the option to keep the crypto or exchange automatically into USD instantly at the time of the transaction.

  3. I don't think there is one particular thing that will catapult us to instant adoption across the board. Rather the combination of numerous individual events occurring (somewhat) concurrently will cause it. Ivan on Tech has a point about the spend and immediately replace. I have only considered it had to be save or spend. Thanks for sharing!

  4. ETN will be the first big mass adopted crypto that you can spend easily in the community. Their new payment system is ready, its only divisible to two decimal places so its easier for the public to get their heads around and they have the marketing background to see it launched well. There's a general assumption that's it a shit coin because they had some initial issues…but they have been working hard behind the scenes, they have a big community and they have an (almost) working product and partnerships. The focus on infrastructure projects and the bear market has seen it foolishly ignored. It will be massive…

  5. 2017 was the year of the tether pump, retail investors only got in at the top in dec, profited for 4 weeks thinking they where absolutely genious's and where going to turn a couple hundred into a million, then got rekt for 10 months

  6. Seems to me Pundix and Square will function as an intermediary, just like VISA or Mastercard, taking a percentage of every transaction. Great for adoption, I guess, but anathema to Satoshi's vision for BTC.

  7. Pundix is a joke, they are good in hype but their product is horrible, come on guys to the project that has the best product, GRAFTCOIN, They have done everything all the other products wish to accomplish. GRAFTCOIN is the sleeping giant with mass adoption in 2019 it will 1000x. Just search on youtube to see their accomplishment.

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