1,000,000,000 XRP Unlocked By Ripple From Escrow! Eos, Litecoin, Bitcoin | Crypto News

1 Billion XRP: Ripple Unlocks $442 Million in Crypto From Escrow Follow us on Twitter: https://twitter.com/AltcoinDailyio 1000000000 XRP: Ripple Unlocks …


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  1. How about reviewing aergo….. It's one of those few projects with a honest and transparent team doing real work with real tech and credible clients [Hyundai] is the latest one….long term focus on blockchain

  2. I think the most of XRP fans can't even explain now why they bought their first XRP. There was something about it… I don't know. I wonder if any of them is disappointed now.

  3. I have been wondering about AXPR ever since they had an airdrop i recieved, and they seem to be going up, I was also looking for any insight to MCO and CRO, crypto.com, they are adding coins like crazy to trade to their app. thanks guys, great vids, nice honest view on XRP…. its flooded with hype.

  4. I hold xrp to gain btc. After we had that run-up to 7k in bitcoin i wanted to place a bet on one token that remained stagnant but has a history of exploding after btc pumps. I'm not saying 7k is the top for btc either but xrp fits my desired qualities in an altcoin. I buy alts to stack sats but i always hold majority btc as a wrecked insurance policy

  5. Hmm something pops to my mind during the first part of the video, about XRP.
    Why does Ripple sell so many XRP? Isn't that a bad sign (for future prices)?
    Often companies do the opposite, they buy more of their stock and this is a very good sign…
    Any thoughts on this?
    Thanks guys, happy cryptoing

  6. XRP seems like a decent bet for modest gains mid to longterm but I just can't get excited about it personally. Seems like it stagnates for months on end,has an unreal pump to the upside than dumps back around baseline where it stagnates again. Its not my cup of tea but no doubt someone will get rich on the next 30 or 40 percent pump.

    As for EOS, I still can't get excited about it. If you're around crypto long enough you get ultra jaded and skeptical of 99 percent of projects…at least I do.

    There's very little in this space aside from BTC,LTC and ETH I'm interested in putting my meager funds into, although if I had a ton of extra cash laying around I might gamble on a handful of these wildcards.

    As for LTC, for whatever reason that's my favorite. I can't put my finger on it but I'm more bullish on LTC than even ETH.

    At any rate, thanks for the update.

  7. i am not invested since i am allin in BTC but i recommended XRP als short-midterm investment to my brothers as diversification since its correlation with bitcoin is the weakest from all other cryptocurrencies.
    Also its easy to predict it will reach atlest 3,00usd again , like its easy to say BTc will reach atleast 20k again.its a good bet with high reward.

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