$100,000 Bitcoin By End Of 2021: VERY REALISTIC ▶️Is The Bob Loukas 4 Year Cycle Still Valid?

Bitcoin By End Of 2021: VERY REALISTIC. Follow us on Twitter: https://twitter.com/AltcoinDailyio Benjamin Cowen: The evidence for lengthening cycles …


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  1. Timestamp:
    0:14 – Setting Up The Video
    1:43 – 9 Month Bull Run
    3:03 – ?4 Year Cycle IS STILL VALID
    4:18 – This Is Congruent With Original Videos
    5:41 – ?Benjamin Cowen Lengthening Argument
    7:36 – This Is What He Covered In The 40 Minute Video
    8:46 – Actually Should We Save This For Another Day?
    9:24 – Invitation To Watch Benjamins FULL Video
    9:40 – Bob Loukas Story
    10:27 – End

  2. Whos here because of Benajim Cowen? I am, he rated you guys highly so you must be the real deal! We will break the ATH $20k this year, honestly, its a no brainer.

  3. I have seen a few of your video.
    I truly believe the bitcoin will be going up .How much no idea . I am a new investor and that just started buying maybe a week ago.And I seemed a little bit of my money grown as much as I want. I think people should invest into the future and that is cryptocurrency.

  4. People saying until btc is implemented as a currency it will not hit 100k, yesterday Venezuela has adopted btc as a viable currency in over 100,000 stores yes they have an ailing economy but this is the reaction. Lets wait and see how 'the greatest recession' plays out

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