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  1. Can anyone do some research on this.. Neom city being build in Saudi Arabia and it will be run by robots.. Sofia from singularity net project has a token called agi.. they just gave him citizens ship there last year..very crazy since women don't have rights there yet a women robot was declared a citizen. Peter Thiel advisor or whatever to trump is invested into singularity. A bit coin believer as well. Jared cushner is also invested into it and other block chain and I believe they are huge into xlm stellar.. but the most important connection that needs to be made is Agi singularity network with Peter Thiel early investor in Facebook some big moves are being made.. if you can make a video about that it would be great and you would make a lot of ppl money in the future..I strongly believe agi token will do amazing and it's only 20 mill market cap now doe to falling market. 1billon tokens only..which may seem a lot but that will be the robots economy and how they pay each other so that's not much at all.. 100$ coin easy in 3 years if market does well

  2. Money is not used in the higher dimensions, so "keep your feet on the ground" and not dwell on this alone. If you don't overcome your fears and don't have unconditional love for mankind, etc. then you will lose in the long run.

  3. I'm a newbie that hasn't started yet. Your presentation gives me confidence. I want to get my limited funds out of the US Dollar and your plan of Bitcoin along with some altcoin trading sounds like very good strategy. I like the idea of bank deposit to Gdax to avoid the high fees of Coinbase. I don't know how but I would love to buy crypto peer to peer so I can avoid exchanges all together. I am studying all I can and want to enter the world of crypto without getting murdered/taken by high fees. Thanks again Altcoin Daily!

  4. I think 50-250 Trillion Dollar market Cap is coming next year, not after the halving. and the full execution of the SETLcoin patent will be complete and will mark the end of retail buying by Q3 2019. Buckle-up Boys the USDC takeover is happening. but if you'd like to make more BTC see what has 9,000 times more value and has created the first Graphic User Interface for Blockchain (GUI)

  5. holding 2.59 BTC here between BTC and other cryptos. I hope for my portfolio to be worth 100.000$ by the end of 2020. eheh then if BTC goes to 1 million $ like mc afee predicted even better lol. anyway great channel Altcoin daily

  6. This can happen and the reason is that one important thing is not considered. Bitcoin in circulation and I mean real ones, because everybody knows there are tons of Bitcoins lost forever. So even there is total supply the real supply what can be purchased is much lower and will be lower year by year. Dead people taken btc wallets with them and nobody can access them etc. So price $10mil per one full BTC is kind of realistic.

  7. I can see it happening. This change extreme quickly. When countries commit to Bitcoin the price is going to rise so fast you won't be able to purchase because the price will keep changing.

  8. Haha i check this from End 2020. 2023 / 99% impossible. $1M by 2025/2030/2030 is realistic. But everything is possible. This makes HODL exciting. Goodnight guys! ?

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