10 COINS TO $10 MILLION! Top Altcoins to GET RICH for September 2020 ?| Cryptocurrency News

Trade at your own risk. Not a financial advisor. Do not make buy or sell based on this video. I hold Bitcoin and many cryptocurrencies. Possibly coins that I talk …


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  1. hi Aron, don't know if I spelled your name right but what do you think about this crypto vet that has so many controversial comments below ??? By the way I just subscribed to your channel simply because I like the way you explain your reasoning behind your picks unlike others that just claim they are the best and they made so much money blah blah blah…you give the real info to us

  2. Did you guys check Velo Protocol out yet?

    They're aiming to address the inefficiencies that plague the remittances sector and provide a network supported by various Trusted Partners that facilitates everyday and cross border payments for both businesses and individuals.

    It's based upon Stellar and includes smart contract functions on EvryNet, which also enables cross-chain solutions in order to support financial services which require the use of smart contracts.

    They have the backing of the CP Group which is the largest private company in Thailand, is the sole operator of 7-Eleven convenience stores in Thailand, and reported revenues of around $63 billion in 2018.

  3. Check out Mirror Protocol where you can buy/sell synthetic stocks such as Google, Apple and more. Its new on CMC, but has insane potential.

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