#1 New NFT Altcoin with MASSIVE POTENTIAL in 2021! Superfarm (SUPER) Cryptocurrency Explained!

What are the top NFT altcoins in April 2021? What’s the best platform to create an NFT? Today we are joined by Elliot, co-founder of SuperFarm and host of …


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  1. Scammers are getting much worse guys!! They are using my name and logo in comments to trick you. DO NOT EVER send money to someone from the comments or DMs. Be careful! ?

  2. Can you please cover the gaming crypto ETHVerse? $ETHV is built on Minecraft machine, on Grand Theft Auto 5, has a 5.8m market cap, with NFTs. They haven't really spent much on promotion but I honestly thing it has ridiculously unappreciated potential! The mainnet had just been release today!

  3. I have great respect for Ernest Bryne and lots to thank the man. But honestly, he's being abit dicky from the way he answered Laura. Why so defensive mann? And there is no such thing as FOREVER, like what da fug? End of the day, fancy corps and institutions will also need to be answerable to stakeholders. I am farking double sure that they would shed off some profits when the time is right. Ofcourse, they are not going to announce it to the world when they do that. And how can anyone be sure companies like Microstrategy haven't already took some off the table? I think he's being a dick by speaking in that manner.

  4. Cool, bro

    Could you say my thoughts on $PLOT token ? That’s a great coin. Saw smb was discussing it on Twi. They tell $PLOT coin is designed to get rid of counterparty risk thanks to Automated MM algorithm. Should I participate?

  5. So when is the new vid uploading, dude?
    Have you checked the Scam token yet? I think it's a serious system, despite the first glance?

  6. great interview. Lots of new thing i learned. Recently my eye catch Nafter. It's a NFT marketplace. So many new feathers I saw. Nafter going to be listed in Pancakeswap in 14th may. Should I buy this?

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