#1 Fully Regulated Cryptocurrency to Watch in 2021 | INX Limited: Digital Asset Trading Platform

Altcoin Daily, the best cryptocurrency news media online! This is a sponsored interview: Altcoin Daily and INX have entered into an agreement for a sponsored …


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  1. I love the interview. However he is off on the cheap coins are cheap for a reason when Bitcoin was once 1 cents. Someone then could have used the same argument. Ethereum was once 46 cents. We can go on and on. This bias must be thread lightly when you have huge platforms where audiences take this as advice..

  2. I am from America and I read this. Please tell me this isnt true. " I think INX will be massively successful but isn't it ironic, after all those months of working with lawyers and the SEC to obtain full regulatory approval for this exchange to operate in the USA, that US residents who are not wealthy accredited investors will be unable to participate in this IPO"?

  3. Mind blowing, but it should be listed on Coinbase or Binance, just help them to get licensed fir that, if it’s not listed on major exchanges what’s the point? I love the idea that banks will not land my assets if I use your system. That’s brilliant

  4. INX token is already worth roughly $8-$10 a coin based off of the value if the company, subsidiaries, and their tech. Good going to the early backers.

  5. I have a question about INX, could be Naive but will the token be listed itself on the Toronto stock exchange? Or its going to be a "Company Listing"?

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