#1 Biggest MISTAKE For Cryptocurrency Investors in April 2021!! When to Sell?! [MY STRATEGY]

Will bitcoin dip lower in April 2021? Is Ethereum a good investment? Let’s discuss an UPDATE to my cryptocurrency investing strategy as well as the latest …


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  1. Scammers are getting much worse guys!! They are using my name and logo in comments to trick you. DO NOT EVER send money to someone from the comments or DMs. Be careful! ?

  2. A certain time i talked to Jonathon about selling off all my btcs he rigidly refused thought i was right on my stance but ended up i would been wrong that would have been the worst mistake of my life.

  3. People are asking about exit strategy to be prepared – it doesn't mean they're going to sell right now or all of it. I'm thinking and preparing for it because it's the first bull run I've been in. He's rude and she held herself well dealing with what we in Australia call a dickhead – who could've just explained his thinking without being defensive.

  4. Wow, I have come to understand that notwithstanding the decadence facing the stock market currently, it's an enough reason to start up something new .

  5. If you mis theta , don't miss vra,vet, harmony, reef and STMX powerful projects that have been undervalued, you can thank me later on this

  6. The market is normally foggy when the Bitcoin price is volatile and, as you would imagine, this prevents most traders from gaining a clear understanding of what goes on in the market. At this point, it is advisable to either have close targets for our trades or simply not trade at all.

  7. The Bit coin mar|ket is experiencing a fierce correction as many institutional investors are entering with a buy-and-hodl mentality given their understanding of Bit coin as digital goId. I think that will be beneficial for Bit coin in the long run; making now the right time to stack up more Bit coin by tradn the asset. I have been in the cry pto world for just over a year now and I have been able to make 11 βͲ↻ foIIowing the reasonable adv!se and tradn s!gnals from Edward Joseph, a pro anaIyst that is always one step ahead of other tradrs, he runs a program for serious minded investors/newbies who are curious to e arn from bit coin regardless of the current price chart. You_can easily get to Edward onԵҽlҽցɾαต edward_joseff

  8. Need your opinion on PolkaCover. Can’t decide about them. Good insurance system and solutions but some price dumps. I see it growing but I can’t actually decide about them. Help you bro outttt

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