🚨URGENT Blackrock and JPM did this while you were distracted

“JPMorgan Debuts Tokenized BlackRock Shares as Collateral with Barclays” As the world seems to be falling apart, big entities …


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  1. I love you Wendy-O <3 look in the subscriber since three thousand subscribers it's been a fantastic journey watching you grow as a content creator and as a Force for good in the crypto society and the world at whole wish there was more like you

  2. Distractions, what Distractions? Who is Sam banking freed? Lol I vaguely remember someone with a name like that but I think that was 20 years ago so much stuff had happened since

  3. So apparently Sam bankman fraud, and his girlfriend, were told to suppress the price of Btc under 20k last year. She told the prosecutors everything.

  4. Wellp! I guess it didn't take that long for something pure to be acquired and manipulated by greedy corporations run by greedy people. As the world turns…..

  5. Thanks Wendy. I'm with you. I dont care about any of this crap unless its public, open source and decentralized. All this other shite, as you illiterate, is tradfi garbage masquerading as "crypto."

  6. So, the big dogs are adopting the technology, but adapting it for themselves, privatizing it for their corporations and it will not be of any benefit to the wider crypto community. Nice!

  7. I was an XRP holder & loved ripple but its just nieve tribalism to think the bankers & the fed government who rely on the larry finks & Jamie dimons of the world , to do there financial forecasting, to not put a slow down to this new tech sector ?

    You need to first take into consideration these fundamentals about JPM chase Before we get to emotionally connected to our investments like XRP

    Current JP stats :
    3-4k tps on present legacy tech payment rails ( Not bad ? ) for old school rails ?

    Money transfer (24hr)

    5 billion per hour

    7 trillion per day

    $1 in every $4 dollars through out the world gos through there payment rails per day

    They have over 4million Marchants

    : 100 million clients

    : 300,000 employees worldwide

    : $12 billion investment JPMorgan Chase spends a year to fuel a team of 50,000 technologists world wide, with blockchain technology being there highest priority

    Since 2015 they have transferred over $300 – 700 billion dollars on there private blockchain cloud based Onxyn protocol ,with the assistance of avalanche & polygon chain ( this is afar cry to ripple's only $ 30 billion sofar ) & now JPM is about to remove the walled garden opening up to the public domain ' with citi bank just announcing there token offering
    We have to recognise that
    JP Morgan runs American & has been running the American financial sector for over 200 hundred years , it's the biggest corporate bank in the world , in the near future, they plan to be one of biggest the blockchain custodian exchanges for the USA , why do you think they sent The SEC in to stall Ripple & then all of a sudden declared all tokens securities, this is all part of there industry capture strategy, in other words there take over plan 👍

    Step 1 : buy off the politicians ( Gary ?)
    Step 2 : get everyone ( the public ) hyped & into cypto )
    Step 3 : create a compromised exchange, (FTX ) then burn it to the ground , which creates FUD into the crypto market

    Step 4 : Gary gensler steps in ( under the guise ) as the great saviour , in order to protect the consumer ? ( bought & paid for by Diamond & co I might add 🤔 )

    Step 5 : while this is all going on , Diamond & co join the etherium alliance with Microsoft etc .. ( which they own the majority of the etherium block chain network , as we speak ! , who do you think is funding Vitalik ? ) .. they are doing this to compete with Ripple's XRP, Stellar XLM , & IBM 's hyper ledger protocol, with there own Atomic settlement system in conjunction with swift go settlement system

    6 : with the help of the fed , it's now time to smash the Banks by choking of smaller banks money supply & higher interest rates , this creates FUD in the banking sector , you can't say this ain't happening now right ?

    7: this allows JP Morgan to buy up the failing banks ( with the blessing of the fed ) even though they have exceeded the ownership rule , that banks are not allowed (by law ) to hold more than 10% of all deposits nation wide , but that's ok , it's a crisis right ?
    ( Which they created 🤣)

    8 : CBDC = new fednow system , yawhaw!! This is the "big one ", crash the market , get rid of cash 👍 ( tokenization here we come )
    Just gotta crush stock market just one more time , then we the sheep go into the meta verse

    9: I precieve that there will only be JPM , BOA , CITI , maybe WELLS , running the show, oh yes don't forget BLACK ROCK

    They don't want any piskey , FTX , BIanance , ripple etc.. muscling in on there money, they want the exchanges to go off shore so that America belongs to them & them only !

    In my probable opinion

    JP Morgan Chase ( Onxyn protocol) is not going anywhere

    They we send the mafia around to Brad's house before they let that happen 🤔

    Disclaimer: this is a conspiracy theory or is it's ??? 😳🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂

    PS : the JPM Onxyn token model , does not believe in the 1 : 1 stable coin model , they are setting up tokenization to usher in the 4 industrial revolution, run by AI & the drones they will continue to use/push/force ," full in the blank ………? " , the fractional banking model , there premise is base on the fact that the banking liquidty system , ( backed by nothing ) , if not mantained , will only locked up / choke up the availablity to the lending needs of the masses , a bit like a reverse version of the XRP ODL model , which finally unlocks the potential nostro liquidity , still locked up in the now swift legacy banking system

    They believe Stable coins will be squeezed out , because they lock up liquidity
    But here's the question, what will JPM use for stability if not a stable coin?
    A: there own assets ( 3.9 trillion are the guarantee of there 7- 10 trillion a day payment process !!
    Which the American public have grown to believe & trust ?

    Conclusion : thats why I'm bullish on the future of JPM Onxyn (XCN)

    Don't let our bias stop us of a gem waiting to be snap up for just pennies , XRP won't be the only ledger in town , even ripple's CTO David Schwartz
    Believes this won't be a one man show

    Happy investing!!

    PS I finally sold my bag of XRP because Ripple will not be using (retail XRP tokens) , if any bank , that wants ODL from (Ripple corp) they will lease / use there own escrow supplies only , I believe they are just using the XRP army for more marketing promotions , thats it , then when they need to pay there bills , they pump the price then dump on us , you dont believe me ? , listen to there promotional explanation on there own web site , THEY WILL USE RIPPLE'S supply !! They will never need ours … EVER !!!! ( Sssssh 🤫 don't tell the XRP commrades ) they dump on there own every month to pay da damm bills ) it's scandalous I tell ya 🦜☠️ me heartys !!!

    PSS this is my opinion, look into it yourself
    The banks are going to disrupt the
    disruptors !!!

  8. XRP and the iso coins are finished unfortunately. Black rock and JP Morgan were not gonna let the lil guys get rich. They produced there own blockchain and coins. XRP is finished this was all by design. Throw a lawsuit at ripple so JP Morgan can eliminate there competition. Please remember to take profits. Because in the end the lil guy will always finish last

  9. Baby we need more onyxx videos across YouTube everyone is so focused on ripple when onyxx is essentially ripple at a much much cheaper price point

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