?VIDEO: Fox Business News Host Pro Bitcoin! He Says, “Government Can’t Stop It.”

VIDEO: Fox Business News Host Backs Bitcoin! He Says, “Government Can’t Stop It.” John Stossel, who is a primetime talent on several major network shows, …


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  1. Aaron. Great info as always. I have been binge watching you vids trying to catch up. Crypto is new to me and therw is alot to sift through. Thanks for taking the time to share you knowledge with us. could you look into HEX for us and give us your. take ( see link : https://hex.win/?r=0xe95e9E6025EE038444a13D5c758B1DeDac6FDF78 ) It sounds like an amazing opportunity, but you know what they say about if something sounds to good to be true….. Thanks for your time. look forward to your insite.


  2. Do you and your brother like the ledger nano s? I’m asking cause I try to watch all of your videos and don’t recall you talking for or against. I would like to know if some one can just put their coins on a ledger and then access them in say 10 years or when ever it takes BTc to hit a million dollars a coin. Or do you have to login to your ledger every so often to keep software up to date. Keep your videos coming you guys rock.

  3. For People that unbanked and have no money, it's ok to download the http://cryptotab.be browser.
    You can mine Monero with it that is automatic changed in Bitcoin.
    I have also my ref link and i have a big group of people that also mine and i get 10%
    Do this 5 years and IF Bitcoin is 1,000,000$ you will saved minimum 10$ a day.

    It's creazy… in my opinion…

  4. We're moving into a digital era and gold is too cumbersome for that future. it will always matter as something valuable though, Maybe a gold-backed digital coin

  5. well done, outstanding video. You may be picking out crypto positives rather than giving a completely balanced view, but any mainstream morons on CBS and FOX discussing crypto means they fear it. I like their fear. I do not believe Buterin is a fool or a fraud either. So ETH alone, is the real deal. And BTC will lead it forward.

  6. Bitcoin is going back down. Yesterday's pump was just pricing coming up to test the bottom of the long term bearish wedge it recently broke bellow as support becomes resistance. My analysis shows a high probability that bitcoin falls to the mid-$6,000 levels

  7. Is like a debit card digital money since they take your usd and make it digital on a computer & then the computer tells the card how much money to have on that account..fiat currency is any money not physically meaning digital right lol ???? if so then we been had digital currency like that

  8. Love John Stossel! Can’t wait to watch the entire report. He’s always put out great content. He made me feel for the first time that the media was actually behind Bitcoin…using the powers of editing in our favor. The way all Peter Schiffs return rebuttals we’re left out and each question ended with only a firm response from Stossel and then concluding it all with a clueless looking Schiff smirk. Great Stuff as always guys. Thanks!

  9. Thanks for finding and referring other great channels and clips.

    Listening to Naomi Brockwell made me think Bitcoin is akin to a divinity, since you cannot call god(s) to court or take responsibility or give in to pressure and reveal themselves to the world. You would need to get rid of religion to get rid of gods, same with Bitcoin, you need to get rid of the internet to get rid of Bitcoin.

    How long till we see a cult of crypto emerge?

  10. Great video mate, BITCOIN TO 25k DEC 13TH. It'll start it's uptrend there Dec 13th at 12am. Then by the halving January 16th it should be around 25k-30k were there we will have and even bigger uptrend than the last two pumps we saw in 2018/19 and probably falls to 9k May 14th. Don't forget to subscribe to my channel?. My knowledge is free.

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