?This Is THE LAST Bitcoin Price Dip Before The Big Rally!? Prepare To NEVER See This Level Again!

Prepare Yourself For This. ☝️ Protect and store your crypto with a Ledger Nano: https://www.ledger.com?r=4b0f6c5711dc Is this the last dip before Bitcoin


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  1. To the rich they realize these charts and artificial trends dont matter. They steer the curves , profit and let the rest of us pick up the scraps. That's the way it has always been and will. Make a few tens of of thousands selling at the right time and have no regrets. Youtubers will try to lock in your subs and monetization. Don't trust them, make your quick buc n ant GTFO

  2. Wait… I thought the LAST dip was the best time to buy…. I thought once it went to over 12000 that THAT was the last time to get it “cheaply”….

  3. What an uneducated person you are seriously. You are giving hope to People for huge rally. Let me tell you something big analyst. Btc cant rally without touch once the lower bollinger band its a law you like it or not

  4. There's only one you need to make a good return, and that is the soon to be released on exchanges Yearn Finance Protocol. #YFP in the last couple of days the mkt cap has grown to 1 million, it can currently only be bought on Uniswap. soon as it hits the exchanges the vol will easily 20x which will give it a 20x return, so it needs only a mkt cap of 20million to achieve this.price is about 10 bucks each, look out for it guys 🙂 Do the Math 🙂

  5. The only strategy I can attest to that works for me is letting an expert like Raphel Garvey handle your trades and deliver you the profits. You only have to invest and wait for your profit. His strategies ensures 87% winnings and cuts down losses to the minimal

  6. of course it was an exit scam, what else would make him sell his own coin for eth? it´s because he didn´t believe in it´s value, otherwise he would have kept it

  7. #XVG, #SMART, #1INCH, …. these are my x1000 coins…. especially SmartCash (SMART) will mooooonen. my neighbor bought a LaFerrari with the damn Smart. #SmartCash…. …. vechain also good… but smartcash, x2530 because of TA … please make a video about SmartCash ????

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