?Incoming! LIVE: End of Year Bitcoin Price Predictions! + Crypto Q & A [Late Night Hangout!]

Aaron & Austin are live! Grab a beer. Ask a question! Let’s hangout and talk cryptocurrency! + Austin and I make our end of year Bitcoin price predictions! Follow …


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  1. Great Zoom guys , appreciate it looking forward to more. Caught this one on the recording, will try to catch next one live with enough heads up.

  2. It discourages people when we are talking about holding a one WHOLE bitcoin. I mean, it is not easy for a huge majority of people out there to put a 12000 $ in one shot. Why not talking about holding satochis (Sats) instead? Buy 500 sats every week for instance … Put in 100000 satochis every paycheck …

  3. Lol! No kidding. The only person I remember talking about BTC back then was Max Keiser. I first heard about it from him in 2011.

  4. Please make a video of the first Crypto Stamps in the world. Created from the Postoffice in Austria and directly after Release sold out . Only 150k in World, five different colours with different prices. They sell them up to 5000$ on ebay. This is next level. Regards Eric

  5. With BTC halvening next year my guess is that BTC will surpass '17 ATH by Q1 '20 at the latest. The BTC halvening hype will effectively squash any hope of some bombastic alt season so aside from P&D schemes and projects that get REAL use cases and big money alts will lose big time on the ratio and in fiat value.

    Again I could be wrong, but I think with institutional money coming plus the halvening we will have a perfect set up for an altcoin implosion on the one hand and an insane BTC run up.

    I really WANT another alt season but my bets are on BTC being the show stealer at least until whenever the halvening pump pops for a retrace. Until than BTC is about the only thing I'll be focusing on.

    Once again thanks fellas.

  6. Do you think quantum computers pose a threat to bitcoin long term? I always liked Iota, but it sounds like there is still a bit of development to do after coordicide, but it is scaleable and quantum proof if successful. What do you think?

  7. Hey love you guys, I being listening to you guys since 2017. I just wanted to say thank you for the great content everyday, If not you guys I could have sold all my bitcoin and alts in 2018, because of you guys am bullish on bitcoin today and smiling.lol My suggestion to you guys to check out Bo Polny his YouTube channel is Gold 2020 forecast, He uses Cycle analysis instead of technical/fundamental analysis He gets bitcoin predictions right all the time. Check him out great man. Thanks

  8. Altcoin daily ethereum and chainlink is a huge sleeper the anonymous 4chan user who got all btc prediction rite ao far predicts 1mil btc by 2023 link at 1336 usd eth at 377k usd

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