?“I Would Buy Bitcoin Here! $100,000 Bitcoin IS NOT Crazy Talk” – Shark Robert Herjavec

Wow. This is an EXACT quote from Shark Robert Herjavec, “I Would Buy Bitcoin Here! $100000 Bitcoin IS NOT Crazy Talk” Follow us on Twitter: …


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  1. I have Bitcoin, Tezos, and TSLA along with dividend stocks. Right now there is a fire sale on all of these, get it while it is cheap, the sale is limited time only. The people will eventually realize the news media hype on coronovirus is a lie like so much else they say on Tv.

  2. what i thought was kinda funny was when he said there is more than one type of bitcoin. So, this multimillionaire, shark tank investor saying there is more than one type of bitcoin is essentially saying there is more than one type of dollar. No. Sorry. There is only one type of bitcoin though there are multiple kinds of crypto assets and even multiple crypto asset classes.

  3. When are the major crypto YouTube influencers going to tell you all the truth? ? BTC is NOT Bitcoin. Stop calling it Bitcoin, it’s Bitcoin Core. BTC does not follow the white paper so why are you calling it Bitcoin? Do some research people. BSV is the only Bitcoin that follows the Bitcoin Protocol, therefore… BSV is Bitcoin. The longer you wait to research this and figure it out the more you will be spending on Bitcoin (BSV) when everyone else starts to figure it out.


  5. It is not crypto or precious metals. Unless we goto a mad max scenario, Precious metals are not taking off. Crypto wants to be once mass adopted. Lightning network wants to kick off, and millions of transactions per second wants to make look like a piece of shit. Start thinking people and stop listening to the mainstream media and DYOR. Start looking at the world's economy and look where it's headed. Crypto is the future and with CoachSteven Curtis sending me daily signals i make consistent and secure profit daily. If you need to start making money off bitcoin trading you can seek for Coach Steven's assistance. Coach Steven can be reached on WhatsApp (+13617177129) or Telegram (steve_signals247) for inquiries into his signal and trading services

  6. Bitcoin trend lately has been up and downs which is due to its highly volatile and unpredictable nature no one knows for sure what’s next whether a correction would take place to see Bitcoin price fall. In my own experience, I have come to know it’s risky and not profitable to hold your coins while waiting for the eventual bull run. I advise all to accumulate as much as you can thereby increasing your portfolio. There are two ways to go about it, firstly either by dollar cost averaging and secondly trading bitcoin which is very efficient and very profitable if done the right way. I trade daily though I am not an expert trader a smart one because I created a strategy that works for me, I trade under the guidance of Momodou Jallow he provides trading signals for me daily. He is one of the best signal providers and within my first 2 weeks of using his system, I had increased my portfolio from 2 BTC to 6 BTC. After meeting Momodou it’s been a wining and profit streak for me and you can reach him through telegram @MomodouJallow or Whatsapp; +1(786)319-4882. I urge all of you in the crypto sphere to be smart investors and that’s my own 2 cents.

  7. DeFi projects is one of the fastest-growing sectors in crypto, FINNEXUS leads the way, due to the fact that the FNX tokens can be converted to its value in USDT after the sale even if the price drops by many times.

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