?History Suggests HUGE Bitcoin Bull Run Incoming | Cryptocurrency News

History Suggests A HUGE Bitcoin Bull Run Is Coming! Watch The Whole Video As We Cover Today’s Bitcoin News! Let us know what you think in the comment …


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  1. Why do you even bother talking about Chainlink. It’s clear you and brother don’t like it, don’t understand it, etc. Just leave it be man. Also bought the top?! ?

  2. The 14k point seems like a crucial price point for Btc due to the fact that alot of people invested when during the 9k to 12k range.
    This might be the last time we will ever see btc at 11k

  3. 06:06 he‘s a fool, but I‘d love to have a beer with him – he seems like a good person at heart and I would love to teach him, do what the twins clearly did not want him to either understand or think too much about! I believe the return of his 50k in LINK will be greater in 6 years than that of his 200k in BTC – mark my words! HMU dave & don‘t you sell that LINK!

  4. I’m originally from Bangladesh but been in the states for the last 23 years. Any idea what exchanges people are using in Bangladesh to buy crypto?

  5. We are at the point where blockchain technology has gone from just being an idea and testing to actually being useful in everyday life.

    Most of the coins like bitcoin but not the actual bitcoin will totally plummet and the actually useful coins will replace them.
    Bitcoin will become digital gold while the best ''altcoins'' built for use from the ground up will become a part of most people's daily lives.

    Right now it's about who will build the best blockchain social medias, blockchain-based self-driving cars, robotics, marketing, ID's, entertainment etc.
    Blockchain could be the next big leap in technology.

  6. everyone if you wanna get in on the ground floor, check out this new crypto called “Pi network. "Stanford University PhD graduates made the first phone app that mines currency for free. When 100M join mining rates will fall significantly so you have to get in soon. Because it is beta you need a member to invite you in. Use code {ajo123456} to join – Look up their whitepapers, this has a lot of potential!

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