?Bitcoin Makes New 2020 High! I Am Live! Ask Me Anything! [Late Night Hangout]

Aaron & Austin are live! Grab a beer (or a coffee). And ASK US A QUESTION! Let’s hangout and talk cryptocurrency! Follow our personal Instagrams: Aaron: …


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  1. Thanks guys, I am still here many videos later. Always appreciate the news, effort, occasional laughs and you guys just being you. Always check each day for latest addition to your channel. Thanks again, Mark, Adelaide – AUS

  2. Nice hangout and great videos guys time after time with great research. But CRITICISM where criticism is due. Your video on RAY DALIO was not good analysis. You should have called him out like you did to O Leary. Dalio was caught off guard and lying. Stuttering and cornered. Cash is Trash he said then he said no to Bitcoin and yes to Libra. Libra is a basket of trash. MM Crypto called him out.

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